Sunday, May 20, 2007


At Meteora, in the north of Greece, are a series of monasteries perched high on rock pedestals. Perhaps that is where utopia can be found, in an impenetrable place that the maddening crowd can't reach except by a rope.

I have visited this area a couple of times in the past but only as a mere traveller. At those times, decades ago, the thought hadn't occurred to me that one day it could be a place of refuge from a decadent world that might take me in!

Monasteries have proved to be popular places over the centuries for those who seek peace. Living a simple, frugal, isolated, meditative life must have something going for it. But what if the rope broke?

Besides, I don't know whether they'd accept an atheist. They might burn me at the stake!


Mary Walsh said...

god, how did you make it Daniel, I'd need mouth to mouth resuscitation for sure and as I have got the request Do Not Resusciate tattoed on my chest I'd better not go.

Being cynical I reckon they'd take anyone these days as long as there was a dollar in it for them.

Wowbagger said...

"...maddening crowd can't reach except by a rope."

You under-estimate the power of technology my friend. You dont need ropes as long as you have radio waves.

Daniel said...

Hey, Mary, I share your cynicism!

Wowbagger, you've destroyed my illusion. I'll cross Meteora off my list.

Worried said...

I don't know about a permanent withdrawal to such a refuge, but in the war we wage, everyone needs a time out now and then or be overwhelmed. Even soldiers in the field develope battle fatigue and need R&R. Just so do the civilians who battle on the home front.

Lucyp said...

I don't know if Utopia is there but you wouldn't want to trip while you took a stroll around the garden.

Daniel said...

Unfortunately, Worried, the war we wage is a 'little' one-sided. We throw our words at the castle walls of our Masters but they have no impact!

Lucy, drinking too much vino could also prove hazardous!