Saturday, May 19, 2007


"Mankind's Stupidity."

Dear Friends, I've had a major computer malfunction so, for the next period, I will be posting rather sporadically. Strangely, this catastrophe just happens to correspond with a sudden change in my own view about blogging.

I've finally accepted that thinking that I can change the world in even the tiniest way is a complete delusion. This is because the vested interests that are controlling our world for their exclusive benefit are too strong. But it's also because people generally are preoccupied with their lives or are simply struggling to live another day in our 'survival of the fittest' world. They haven't got time to listen to voices crying in the wilderness about injustice and inequality.

When enough of the masses become discontent with their masters and begin to comprehend the extent of the destructiveness that greed creates, that might be the time to try to exert some influence. In the interim, all I'm doing, in the main, is 'pissing' into a gale force wind (excuse my French).

For the next period, I intend to seek utopia in spite of the conflicted world and its strange, primitive people! Perhaps my journey may reveal things that might be useful for you so, my valued, caring friends, please stay in touch.


UPDATE: 20/5 - I'm working on a borrowed laptop with no links! Sorry!
UPDATE: 22/5 - My computer won't be back for at least a week! Wonder if I could train some carrier pigeons?


Anonymous said...

Yours is one of the 'voices of reason' on the blogesphere, I would hate to see it silenced.

Daniel said...

Unfortunately, d.p., I'm the sort of person who can't remain detached about things. I get involved totally and that comes at a real cost to me with little discernable result.

It's a question of survival really.

Mary Walsh said...

A fellow soul mate totally understands both your cynicism, your optimisim and your hope that eventually a great "penny" will drop from the sky and we can return to a world of caring, sharing and even a laugh or three....

Hope the patient recovers quickly..laptops are for lawyers and like minded professionals aren't they...expensive and very small flat useless keyboard...but something is better than thank you to the lender on our behalf..I need my fix!

C.S. Monkus/ L. Sparrow said...

Peace through superior fire power????


That got my attention.... I will be thinking about that simple phrase for a few days now!


I find this blog tremendously thought provoking Daniel!

Peace and Blessings

Lil Sparrow

Daniel said...

Mary and Lil, thanks. Problem is how to divert the string-pullers attention away from worshipping the twin gods of profit and power.

I seriously believe that nothing short of a people's revolution (Gandhi-style) will achieve anything!

Fleming said...

Daniel, I hope your computer problem has been solved by now.

You wrote: "I've finally accepted that thinking that I can change the world in even the tiniest way is a complete delusion." I understand exactly how you feel . . . like trying to roll a 20 foot boulder over with my two hands. But I like to think that people like us do make a "tiny" difference in the thinking of a few individuals who talk with us or read what we write. Hearing an unorthodox opinion, on a personal level, from a person one respects as intelligent, well-informed, and sincere can change the listener. My eyes have been opened by such influences.

The question is, can these "tiny" individual changes influence greater events? Possibly, over a long time, as each affected person influences more people by daring to speak truth about a taboo subject.

The main problem is, as you indicate, that most people really don't care. Even if they did begin to care, most are so uncomprehending, ignorant, stupid, and well-trained by their masters, that they can't understand what's going on except in an unrealistically simplistic form.

I think you're right: Only when people's personal lives and bank accounts are damaged severely will they be moved to action, if not to clear thinking.

Daniel said...

Clear thinking will, for the majority, be an impossibility, Fleming.

I started this blog with such high expectations. Now I expect nothing positive from the bulk of humanity!