Sunday, April 01, 2007


My dear Friends, it appears that the rapacious monster that is American Imperialism is about to take another giant step forward in its mission to control the world. A nuclear attack on Iran is imminent and American businessmen are being advised to leave the region.

Not satisfied with having military bases all over the world, control of much of the world's commerce, and, with Iraq and Afghanistan, control of, or access to, lots of oil, America wants Iran's oil as well to add to its inventories.

Easter seems to be the date that will be chosen which is rather ironic given that America is supposed to be a Christian nation, you know, love thy neighbour and covert not thy neighbour's possessions and all that stuff. Forget it! Religious fundamentalists in combination with right-wing ideologues, rapacious capitalists, insane nationalists and moronic militarists have won the day!

The sad part is that we, the little people, can do nothing but watch in horror as a few fanatics and madmen, blinded by their own greed and ignorance, destroy our world and us.

P.S. Please read the link below. It is one of many articles that have appeared over the last month on many reputable internet news sites. My 'What Russia Sees' post provides more evidence. Anyway, surely the gathering American nuclear armada is itself incontrovertible evidence. They are not there for a Sunday School Picnic!



pissed off patricia said...

Jesus, I hope we are wrong about this. Bush is a desperate man backed into a corner and an attack on Iran is probably the only thing he can see that might get him some support from the war freaks in our country. Like I said, I sure do hope that we are wrong and some sane person stops this before it begins.

Daniel said...

I've never hoped so much that I am wrong too, Patricia, but the evidence clearly shows otherwise.

The Dark Ages are at hand. Again!