Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This Reuter's photographs shows Israelis pausing for two minutes in remembrance of the terrible Holocaust which occurred during WW2.

I wonder if any of them are thinking about the brutal forty-year Holocaust which they, the Israelis, have visited upon the hapless Palestinians, the innocent people whose land they took, the ones whose women die giving birth at checkpoints because they are prevented from reaching hospitals, whose children live in terror, whose men, women and children languish in Israeli prisons where they are maltreated and tortured, whose lives have no future, who live in poverty and constant fear of death and house demolitions (Sabbah's Blog, see Special Links, gives plenty of graphic details).

I wonder!


Anonymous said...

I know the answer now Dan! the human race is just hoplesslesly inbuilt with the desire to war with eachother! As long as there are people there will be wars, sad,sad fact isn't it!
How were your holidays? Hope you had fun!
missed ya!
Love Zoe XXX

Daniel said...

Hey, Zoe, thanks for calling by. Yeah I had fun but, strangely, it was unsettling. People and wars seem to be like wine and food. It's more than sad.

I trust you are taking good care of yourself and I send all my best wishes.

Love and hugs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I always catch hell for saying this, but Israel, and the Jews, are second only to Bush as terrorists, and when called out on it, react like our black population - "Don't you dare say that to me!! The nerve of you!

DesertPeace said...

Hey Future.... you SHOULD get hell for saying that!
Not all Jews are supporters of the atrocities that are happening in Israel.
Neither are all Israelis.... I am proof of that!
Believe me, I am not alone, so please don't generalise.

betmo said...

you forgot the whole 'human shield' thing. no- i don't think that they think about that. you see- they don't have to. they are 'god's chosen people' and can do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want. much like bush's america.

Daniel said...

I think, Betmo, that the decline of morality in America is closely allied with the rise of Israeli imperialism and its brutal methods. Kind of like the tail wagging the dog!

Desertpeace, unfortunately the world judges Israel by its brutality and war crimes in the Palestinian Territories. Sadly, people like you seem to get lost somehow.


Fleming said...

Bravo, Daniel! You already know how I feel about this. I would disagree only with your recognition of the grossly exaggerated Jewish "Holocaust" as comparable to what the Zionists have done in Palestine . . . and are still doing, every day! I believe that the nonexistence of German gas chambers has been established, but to the extent that Jews were killed during World War II by whatever means, they were killed in secret. The present Israeli horror is all the worse because it is carried out quite openly, proudly, and under the umbrella of U.S. protection. . . and that includes the bombing of Lebanon.

Daniel said...

It's amazing what you can do if you control both the media and the politicians, Fleming! Cheers.

Playful Pete said...

Good one Fleming!

"I believe that the nonexistence of German gas chambers has been established".

Now, I NEVER thought that Holocaust denial would get a run on this site. Ughhh.....

Just goes to show how low we can drop in order to outdo one another when mob mentality takes over, when we're overtaken by the desire to isolate an identified enemy as "the other", and then slowly delegitmise even their persecution.

But to then have Daniel endorse, rather than rebuke, that much discredited lunatic conspiracy through his approval of your post says much.

Daniel, this is low. I never thought you'd drop to belittling the Holocaust.

You've used the same "it's-amazing what-you-can-do-if-you-control-both-the-media-and-the-politicians"
conspiracy theory as Goebels' notorious Der Strumer and others who perpetrated this human rights abomination, at the very time when we commemorate its base violation of humanity.

You've used the very same Protocols-approved theme of supposed Jewish domination as those who used it in order to carry out this annihilation of innocence, the genocide of one million children.

A human virtue, to visit war upon his fellow man, that you so despise.

And yet you slavishly roll out the same conspiracy, the same canard that was used as justification for this unspeakable horror. It was the fuel for those who carried it out.

How disappointingly ironic.

Daniel said...

Playful, you hide behind your anonymity and, periodically, snipe away at others. How brave!

You usually make totally biased, illogical generalizations, one that only someone with a twisted mind could make. How sad!

Why don't you start a blog, courageously expose yourself to the real world? I'm sure you would find many supporters of your extreme right-wing, might is right, elitist views. Namaste!

Worried said...

During Hitler's Nazi Holocaust of the Jews, the propagandists depicted the Jews as vermin, with movies comparing them to hordes of rats. The movies are horrible and full of hate. Utterly despicable.

Unfortunately, some of Israel's leaders have forgotten that, even if many of the common people have not. In http://this-is-war.blogspot.com/2006/09/israeli-foes-as-beasts-and-insects.html I posted an article wherein those leaders described the Arabs as "animals, beasts, scorpions, cockroaches, and not human, not people". (Warning: this post has graphic images horrific to sensitive people, for which I do not apologize; it is the nature of war and man's inhumanity to man. They are not as bad as some I have seen that caused me to weep and vomit in rage, pity, and despair.)In another post at http://this-is-war.blogspot.com/2006/12/savages.html certain Israelis called the Arabs "savages". These radical leaders, like our own, would do well to remember the holocaust, and the Biblical admonition that "what ye sow ye shall reap", as you reminded in another of your posts.
Worried, aka Seven Stones to Rapa

Worried said...

Correction: the url to the above post is http://this-is-war.blogspot.com/2006/09/israels-foes-as-beasts-and-insects.html. I incorrectly posted it as "israeli"
instead "israels".

Seven Stones to Rapa

Daniel said...

I hope Playful reads this excellent comment, Worried, though his right-wing mind is generally closed.

Funny thing is, he castigates me for publishing Fleming's comment as if by publishing it I endorse everything that Fleming says. But I publish Pete's comment even though I endorse very little if any of his views.

Logic is a scarce commodity. Sigh!

Playful Pete said...

"Funny thing is, he (Playful Pete) castigates me for publishing Fleming's comment as if by publishing it I endorse everything that Fleming says. But I publish Pete's comment even though I endorse very little if any of his views"

But you also deleted my following post, Daniel.

Daniel said...

With good reason, Pete!


Playful Pete said...

Of course! Because it is in contrast to your views. So ban it!

You had this to say:

"Funny thing is, Playful Pete castigates me for publishing Fleming's comment as if by publishing it I endorse everything that Fleming says. But I publish Pete's comment even though I endorse very little if any of his views".

Yes, but while you stood up to my comments, you never said a sinlge disapproving word against the Holocaust denier.

By all means, stand up against those comments on your site that you disapprove of (as you do with 100% of mine!). Even MORE reason to oppose the Holocaust denier - it's quite noble; you at least recognise freedom of speech, and then deconstruct those arguments you see as wrong.

Perhaps you just didn't see fit to find wrong in the stand made by the Holocaust denier.

Daniel said...

Pete, it seems you have gone over my blog with a magnifying glass but it has been a very selective one. For example, I have made the comment many, many times that I can't understand how a nation of people who endured the horrors of the Holocaust could then end up being nearly as bad as their Nazis oppressors.

There are those who deny the Holocaust. I'm not one of them! But if someone expresses that view as a small part of a comment then so be it! Pete, you have to accept that people have different views to yours and perhaps your views (like mine) are not always right! But your way to deal with those with whom you disagree is to go in with boots flying.

Pete, we'd love to have you on this blog as a regular. Argue if you will but please put your boots away!