Tuesday, April 17, 2007


"As President Chavez pointed out at the United Nations, quoting Noam Chomsky, the US rulers show themselves willing to risk even the survival of the species in pursuit of global hegemony."

This quote came from a Counterpunch article written by Professor Carl G Estabrook (April 16th), one which lays out the extreme danger the world is facing from rampant American imperialism which, directed by Bush (who talks to God) and the Neocons (who are similarly deranged), is aimed at seizing control of the whole world (hegemony).

Unless America is stopped, surely our Earth will soon duplicate the Moon!

Be very afraid, my friends!



pissed off patricia said...

I'm not so much afraid as disgusted with what our country has allowed ourselves to become. We are every other country's fear. That's not as it should be.

betmo said...

america is the spearhead for sure- but we wouldn't have gotten this far without a little help from our 'friends' around the world. the friendly nations are looking to capitalize on the end result and i think that they should share in the blame as well. pnac didn't happen in a vacuum.

Daniel said...

Betmo, I agree there are countries or at least politicians and capitalists who are looking to benefit from American hegemony. They are too stupid to see the 1984 scenario that goes along with it!

Patricia, it is a sad outcome for a country that had such fine ideals. Yet, ironically, it has had a bloody past as well!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't mean to make fun of your post, for it's a serious matter. But if the rest of the world watched our "Leaders" run the Iraq war for very long, they'd soon know they were in no danger. The greatest military force in the world can't even control half of Baghdad.

Worried said...

It is my very great fear and I fear for the future of my young ones.

Daniel said...

Many people fear like you, Worried. The only ones who don't are the ones preparing to take the suicidal action.