Monday, March 19, 2007


Human evolution is a tricky business. Eventually, we could end up more closely resembling what we are by nature. Is this photo prophetic, a sign of things to come?


Zoe said...

Hi Dan! Interesting thought isn't it! Kingsly has a post that he did recently about our evolution from a different view point. You may be interested in reading it.
The post is titled 'Toward Homo Noeticus'.
It's about his fouth previous post I think.

I wonder if we WILL evolve further in either direction or just wipe ourselves out altogether!

Love Zoe xxx

beepbeepitsme said...

I dunno. My bet is that we pretend that dogs are like humans and then go on to create gods in our own images.

Daniel said...

I'm somewhat confused, even scared as to what our image really is, Beep.

Zoe said...

Yeah, it is confusing. All of life is these days.
I think the image is far worse than least they go and shit in the far corner of their yard!
Anyways take care Dan.
Zoe xxx

bluegrrrrl said...

I'm fond of the saying "Evolve or Die"...but I truly hope it doesn't end up like this!

Finally got you added to my links!!! Sorry it took so long...been a maniacally busy few weeks out here on the left coast...

Daniel said...

Zoe, the bulldog is an aggressive, ugly animal. So are most humans (not your beautiful self, of course)!

I have not been responding to comments quite as I normally do because, as I indicated a few posts ago, currently I'm trying to recover my equilibrium following the realization that dealing with the world's problems all the time was having a negative effect on me.

Thanks for dropping by bluegrrrrl. What we evolve into is highly questionable given our destructive nature. Cheers.

Zoe said...

Oh I see, Dan. Sorry I did'nt realise this.
Hope your feeling cheerier again soon.

Love Zoe xxx

Daniel said...

I'm setting up a quiet place near a waterhole, Zoe. It will provide a retreat, remind me that the conflicted world of humans is not all there is.

Love and hugs. xxxxxxxxxx