Monday, March 05, 2007


While the world awaits the nuking of Iran by crazed people obsessed by greed for power and wealth, elsewhere, in India, happy, poor people are celebrating the arrival of Spring in the Holi Festival. The colour seen in this photograph from Reuters is not human blood, something that is seen all too often in news broadcasts, but merely a red dye. Bright colours are part of the celebration of regeneration.

The leaders that play with the fate of the world, who routinely approve mass killing and destruction by their armies, were once happy, playing children just like these. Yet, as adults, they are happy to approve of the killing of laughing, playing children like these in order to further their own selfish, narrow ends. People like Howard, Blair and Bush, all professing their deep Christianity, are killers.

And those who actually carry out the destruction: the soldiers, the airmen, the sailors were once laughing, playing children themselves. Yet, suddenly, they are happy to kill anyone who gets in their road: women, kids, civilians, doesn't matter. Give a man a gun or a fighter jet or a tank and, voila, you have a savage.

How do innocent, happy kids so easily become adult killers? It's like a complete reverse of the butterfly process: beautiful children turn into ugly, sadistic predators!

How does this dramatic, unfortunate transition occur? Why?


Coffee Messiah said...

Maybe it's all the conditioning society etc impose on you as you grow up.
Not sure how I and many of my friends escaped that kind of thought pattern. Especially when you realize you were treated and taught the same things, but mentally didn't accept them!
In reply to the previous posts, I never say much, mainly because what people do in these situations is really their own busy-ness, and who am I to impose rules in that way?
Right or wrong, the people in question need to sort it out, as I can barely deal with my own life, let alone someone elses.
Cheers to ya!

No said...

My three sons love to play cops and my hubby bought them toy guns, and I am very concerned about that. Do I accept this as "boys will be boys?" I know it doesn't compare to what you're saying, but they already have the "good guy, bad guy" thing down this where it starts? Is it genetic make up, environment or both?

Fleming said...

This is a fine little essay. I don't have an answer to your questions, but it comes to mind that the seeds of cruelty and killing can already be seen sprouting in many children. They may look happy, but they can also be brutal. Still, your questions about a transition are making me think.

Daniel said...

Coffee, I know how you feel, my friend.

No, I guess it's a combination of genetics and environment which I guess is an indictment of us and our environment!

Fleming, I have observed cruelty in children myself and felt uneasy about it. The reality of humans is sometimes frightening!


EarthCitizen #23 said...

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Daniel said...

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