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I have just read an excellent but disturbing article called AMERICANS HAVE LOST THEIR COUNTRY by Paul Craig Roberts. It is an article which confirms my own worst fears and substantiates much that I have written about. Please read it! It’s essential (the link is provided at the end of this post). First, consider the following three extracts:

“The Bush-Cheney regime is America's first neoconservative regime. In a few short years, the regime has destroyed the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, the Geneva Conventions, and the remains of America's moral reputation along with the infrastructures of two Muslim countries and countless thousands of Islamic civilians.”

“The Bush-Cheney regime came to power with the plans drawn to attack the remaining independent countries in the Middle East…”

“The neoconservatives have had enormous help from the corporate media, from Christian evangelicals, particularly from the "Rapture Evangelicals," from flag-waving super patriots, and from the military-industrial complex whose profits have prospered. But the fact remains that the dozen men…were able to overthrow the US Constitution and launch military aggression under the guise of a preventive/pre-emptive "war against terrorism."

These Neocons, a fanatical group of influential right-wing fundamentalists (who numbers are probably more than a dozen but probably not much greater than thirty) have used and abused the special war provisions that followed 9/11 and the intellectual and moral weakness of George Bush to subvert the entire American democracy.

Behind the scenes, they are now controlling America like despots of old while simultaneously claiming patriotism and waving the Stars and Stripes and making false claims about bringing freedom and democracy to other nations. They are, once again, using spurious, concocted lies just like they did in Iraq to push the world even further into an imperialistic, religious war that will eventually destroy it.

It is obvious from the recent rhetoric by the Bush Administration (which is a front for the Neocons who also have strong links to Israel) combined with the military build-up in the Middle East that an attack against Iran using nuclear weapons is both imminent and inevitable. Once that happens, Pandora’s Box is open and can’t be closed!

Given that the American people and the Democrats seem powerless to stop the Neocons, the world has only three ways to stop this madness that I can see:

1. Urgently form a military alliance of Europe, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, etc, one that will threaten to immediately attack America if it further escalates the Middle East conflict.

2. Given the huge debt that America has incurred because of its warmongering, immediately pull the plug on America financially and bankrupt it.

3. Simultaneously use a moderated combination of the previous two steps.

Friends, these measures are extreme but surely, given the calamity that is unfolding, extreme measures are preferable to sliding into a nuclear Armageddon.

My hope would be that faced with the threat of the total bankruptcy of America and/or the possibility of large-scale military retaliation from the rest of the free world, the Neocons might back off a bit, might relinquish their current insanity for long enough to allow the American people to find the courage to take back their country.

The key is quick, decisive action. Any delay will guarantee that our world is lost.

P.S. This article has been cross-posted at The Peoples Voice.

See Paul's article here


Craig Rowley said...

G'day Daniel, I have read your post and re-read the last paragraphs ... and read much of the rest of the content of your blog.

I see our views differing on many things and coming together on some things. The key to most of the difference is I don't come from a position of pessimism about the issues ... the challenges ... about humans, humanity, our capacity to be humane, etc.

I'm not saying this to get into an argument, but rather to start what we might call a 'fierce conversation' - fierce in the sense Susan Scott uses it - a conversation that is both intelligent and impassioned.

OK with you if we start such a conversation here Daniel?

Anonymous said...

Given the huge debt that America has incurred because of its warmongering, immediately pull the plug on America financially and bankrupt it.

Good find...excellent read, but just let me comment on this one aspect of your analysis. I think this is one highly unlikely. "Calling in" the US Debt as it were, even if possible, would be a precursor to a world-wide financial meltdown. Foreign markets have no interest is stopping the money flow they get from the huge US trade imbalance. More likely, a slow draw down in the purchasing of US debt, as we've already seen happening in China, will bleed us dry eventually.

pissed off patricia said...

I am listening to bush right now as he continues his lies. There are people who still clap when he speaks. That tells me that he is still in charge and just like your post, it scares the hell out of me. I wish the article your referenced was wrong but, I have to admit, it's right.

N. said...

Hi there,

I saw your comment in Fleming's lair about how America has lost spirit f democracy and has accepted 300,000,000's being hostage to the whim of 30!

I think Americans can still do a lot to stop these despots from ruining the world.

I just made a post about what Americans can do.

betmo said...

daniel- the link doesn't work. as an american- i do agree with you 100%. our country has been bilked out of billions of dollars. i have a feeling that they have their money supply and they wouldn't care one whit what happens to us. why the dems have no balls is beyond me. baby steps is all they take and won't do what they should do- the right thing.

Daniel said...

Craig, I look forward to our 'fierce' conversation. Let me say that my pessimism is caused by the perilous state of the world and the unfortunate nature of many humans. I think our genes have let us down!

Kvatch, as an American your comment has real relevence. The hope I expressed in my second last paragraph might become the reality.

Patricia, I wish I was wrong too but we can't let this small group of Neocon extremists control the destiny of our world.

N, welcome to my blog. I'll visit. I'm sure we'll find things in common.

Betmo, I've fixed up the link. Sorry. Don't know what happened because it was working fine. The Dems are tarred with the same brush that most political parties are. They value votes more than morality.


Mary Walsh said...

I think all power in any one place corrupts regardless of who you are or which country or Government.

Have you ever noticed how most people think of society in terms of dollars and cents, rather than a social one?. Consumerism is consuming our values. Money is handy I agree, but the need for it at the expense of our conscience is a question we have to ask ourselves.

If America was wiped off the map tomorrow the financial status of the rest of the world would probably improve if anything. For one thing the trade in war machines would halt abruptly...those big tanks, bulldozers, ships, abd planes that carry their message of mass destruction...the bombs that kill citizens in other countries by their thousands, the poisons that kill the earth that grow the food that feeds people. The chemicals that poison the water that people drink. Germ Warfare taken to an elite measure of success in addition to those trialled by Europe and England.

And then there is Israel who has perpetuated the lessons of the second world war...segragating peoples, humilating them, taking away their dignity, hopes and dreams, just like Hitler did to them. History repeating itself!

And what of the wanton destruction not only of life itself but the infrastructure of cities razed beyond recognition in the name of democracy and a "better life".

Whose life?, the cronies wanting their own sense of power to torture, in turn, their perceived enemies, and greed.

I wonder if anyone else has considered the message conveyed in the Christmas Fable that the Three Wise Men - came not from the West - but from the EAST!.

Perhaps in the end, the Stock Market will be the least concerns of our worries.

I believe this is the message Daniel is trying to get through to people....

that the World is at real risk of imploding if we don't start patting the Tiger we've now got by the Tail and growling! In fact, it has well and truly put the West on notice by snarling right back at us!

Mary Walsh

Damian Lataan said...

G’day Daniel,

I notice over at Webdiary that the Great Predictor, Jay White, has passed another of his inane judgments stating that the ‘neocons have long been out of the picture’. While it is true that many of the neocons that got the Bush show on the road in the period leading up to and just after the invasion of Iraq have indeed moved on, other lesser known but nonetheless influential neocon players have since moved in – not least of which is arch neocon warmongering lunatic Eliot Cohen, who was only last week appointed by Rice as Councilor of the State Department. The other neocon lunatic that has been around for years and still remains an extremely influential neocon in the Bush administration is Elliot Abrams who is currently serving under Steve Hadley, yet another neocon who is National Security Advisor to the President, as Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy.

It might also be of interest to folk to know that the recent policy of ‘surge’ in Iraq, announced by Bush only last January, was dreamt up at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), by Fred Kagan, who comes from a long line of neocons who clearly still wield influence within the Bush administration.

To assert that ‘neocons have long been out of the picture’ is a complete nonsense.

I guess you already knew this.

Daniel, if it suits you not to publish this comment and would prefer to just take it on board as being ‘for your information only’ (which, of course, you are free to use without reference to me) then that’s fine with me.

Daniel said...

Mary, thanks for your wisdom and support. I guess if it wasn't for the nukes, I wouldn't be so worried. However, they are things that can't be undone. Thay also symbolise just how desperate the criminals in the White House are!

Damian, thanks for your comment. Some people see what they want to see I guess. The situation we're facing requires clear facts, careful analysis, quick action and the involvement of as many people as possible on as many blogs as possible. Cheers!

Craig Rowley said...

Ok, Daniel, we'll start our 'fierce conversation' then.

I've read most of the content of Seeking Utopia and I find that most, not all, but most of it is about "Seeing Dystopia".

I see a lot of focus on problems, "evils", inhumanity, etc. I see focus here on what is wrong with our situation.

I don't see much, certainly not enough, focus on realistic solutions. I see a lot of room for moving to more focus on how to nurture our situation back to health.

I sense you want solutions. I see that some of your statements - like the list on the right hand panel of your blog - actually call for solutions.

However, I also see you've suggested 'extreme measures' , i.e. the very same sort of actions that neocons and other extremists would call for.

I don't understand how you can object to extremism and yet call for 'extreme measures'. To hold such contradictory ideas would cause me cognitive dissonance.

I'd like to understand how you see things.

Am I being unfair so far or seeing the situation incorrectly?

PS - other visitors to your site wanting the background may wish to visit http://webdiary.com.au/cms/?q=node/1837 to see what we've been talking about with respect to the Bush Administration's aggression toward Iran.

Daniel said...

Craig, being a peace activist by nature I trust that our conversation won't be too fierce. I also hope that the unfolding conversation is one that all those who support this blog feel that they can join us in.

A couple of points I'd make regarding extreme measures: I learned early in life that if you have to fight against people who have no scruples and fight dirty you are a fool if you employ Marquis of Queensberry Rules. I also worked out that, if I was forced to fight, then hit first and hard! It worked everytime because bullies are basically cowards.

You see lots of focus on problems, you say. Craig, there are lots of problems. One doesn't have to go looking for them! One of the main problems I see is human nature. It contains both good and bad and I tend to think more of the latter. It is an unfortunate genetic inheritance that, as both individuals and as societies, we have to deal with. Perhaps there are no real solutions, Craig!

Nuture our situation back to health, you say. When were things in a state of health, Craig? Would you like to nominate a period in history when this has been so? What is a state of health anyway and how do you measure it?

Another thing I learned is that knowing thy enemy is important. Failure to do this has resulted in many disasters down through history. Hitler is one example. Bush is another. Over to you.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Attack America or Bankrupt it?
You better attack. We've been bankrupt for decades in more ways than should be written in public.

Daniel said...

Love your sense of humour, FWY. That you're an American makes it even more meaningful! Many Australians don't know what many Americans are thinking and feeling! Cheers.

Craig Rowley said...

G'day Daniel. By 'fierce' I meant what Susan Scott talks about. Other descriptors would be 'real', 'open', 'brutally honest', etc.

Daniel I see pain behind your description of the human condition. I see that particularly in the piece you wrote about losing a relationship and as much access to people you love as you would really like. I sense that you were deeply hurt sometime by what some have done. Am I reading that correctly?

I'll return to your questions later.

Daniel said...

Craig, in common with 99% of the human race, life has been unkind to me at some stages. Zoe, who you will meet soon enough, though only around 30 years of age points to this as being character moulding and I agree. Life knocks you down, you get up, dust yourself off, and start swinging again.

However, that life has been unkind sometimes doesn't stop me trying to make the world a better place. Not for a minute. And because life has been unkind on occasions doesn't mean that everything I see and think is negative.

I'm told I have a good sense of humour, I'm in a very positive relationship, and the fact that I bother to maintain a blog and try hard to make the world a better place suggests that I am an optimistic person. But I'm also a realist! I see all too well the imperfections in human beings including myself.

The world could be a much better place, Craig. We could all help each other more than we do. But how to do it is not to be found in text books or elaborate theories!


Craig Rowley said...

And surely it is not to be found in advocating violent action ...

Daniel you use the phrase "...and start swinging again." Do you see human interaction generally as a "fight"?

Daniel said...

Craig, let me ask you, if a rapist got into your house and was intending to rape your wife and daughters, would you use violence to stop him? I don't advocate violence as a rule of thumb but I'm advocating the threat of violence to stop America using greater violence via nuclear weapons.

Do I see life as a fight? To answer that Craig, could I suggest you visit Memoirs and Magic (see Special Links). Little Zoe, so brave and courageous, has suffered a set-back. Read carefully her first post and then the two comments, one of which is mine.

Of course life is a fight, a difficult struggle for most of the world's people, Craig. Perhaps life hasn't caught up with you yet?


Coffee Messiah said...

Interesting.....seems the problem in the US has been shifting the focus on problems, to half truths about what is positive. All the while neglecting the problems that should be resolved.
Anyone who feels that stating ones opinions as to the reality of any situation, is neglecting solutions, is daft. ; (
My 2 cents.......

Craig Rowley said...

Daniel, my answer to your first question is that I would in that situation use self-defensive strategies to protect my wife and children. If a physical self-defense option is necessary then I would employ it to the extent necessary - i.e. that which is required to prevent the assailant from carrying out further violent actions. I've learned CQC techniques as a consequence of a job I used to do. I've experience in CQC circumstances.

But this only shows that violence can be resorted to, not that it is the best strategy or technique to achieve ends. If, even in the scenario you presented, there were the tools available to achieve the ends (protection) without resort to violence, then I see the wisdom in using those tools.

And on the mention of wisdom - a segue to that special link. I think you've wisely been supportive of Zoe and admire that. I reckon you're doing a good thing there.


Daniel said...

Coffee and Craig at breakfast. What could be better. Thanks for dropping by. Your comments are highly valued.

N. said...

These are my silent side thoughts, as I pondered over valid points raise both by Graig and Daniel ...
Doing wrong will never make right. This is a piece of old easten wisdom implanted in my conscience; that I should not strike the enemy in the back, that I should never strike the one who is weaker than me, that I should never strike unless I am attacked ... I think much of the world's perils are because of the ZEAL for fixing things! Look at Germans; look at ALL the mess they have left us with. The struggle for utopia ALWAYS turns bloody; the conviction about the right and the wrong has ALWAYS produced more wrong.

I am not an inactive person; and I do not like to sit in a candle lit room and meditae; and I am not one of those who seeks "personal peace". Life has been bad to me; but that has also forced me to see the value of surviving, and not succumbing to its menace.

I strongly think change will not come from any "event" from any revolution. Change must grow in us, we must grow into changing. America needs to reexamine its value system, needs to re-invent itself. And America needs a chance to see beyond the fog of self-interest, the deep valley that will devour it. Fog doesn't just go away. But in this state of confusion, America needs to stop.

I am an Iranian. I am sleepless, suffer traumatic stress, go to bed with nightmares about nuclear explosions in my backyard. But I do not want criminals like Cheney take on him. I want the will of people, and the rule of law to stop his menace. And given the opportunity, and proper information, I TRUST Americans to be able to stop him.

Daniel said...

'The will of the people, the rule of law to stop his (Cheney's) menace.'

That is my hope also, N, but given the relative inaction in America it might be wishful thinking. I'm beginning to wonder whether a majority of Americans would be prepared to engage in nuclear war if they came out as world dominators.

Hope I'm wrong.

betmo said...

speaking as an american- of course the rest of the world has a right to protect themselves against us. we have been the aggressor for the last 6 years- i won't get into the before because our history has been one of 'manifest destiny' against weaker folks. if the only way to protect oneself against aggression is aggression, then there is no other alternative. diplomacy has not worked here and neither has fear of financial loss. these folks who lead the country have spirited their money away somewhere safe. they could probably care less about the population as a whole- of america and the rest of the world. katrina victims are still being victimized. this country is decaying from the inside out and at this point- i would understand if the rest of the world decided to take us down. i wouldn't like it- but i would understand. i am an american and i love my country but- it is a relationship. you can overlook certain flaws and quirks in a relationship because you love the other. i think that you have to draw the line at murder and torture.

Daniel said...

Betmo, I don't really want to see America taken down! I want to see Bush and the Neocons taken down before they plunge the world into a nuclear war.

Once they are eradicated, then I believe that America will heal itself, once again become admired and respected.

N. said...

I concur with Daniel.
But the state of partisan politics, with Hillary and Obamma as front-runners is frightening me, that THIS is not a Bush-disease; this is the imperialist bug, with acute zionistitis, that america and the world is suffering.

betmo said...

no- i am not implying that you do- but i can certainly see why most of the planet wouldn't hesitate given half of a chance. i, too, want to see cheney and his ilk gone- but even if they are out of office- there are so many of these types- they would be working behind the scenes. it is an ugly time here.

Daniel said...

Imperialist bug with acute zionistitus...very clever, no, and very accurate! People need to see that the world belongs to them not to any one country.

Betmo, the greedy, grasping types you mention are just being human. We all carry within us a capacity for good and evil. Which rises to the surface depends on the circumstances!