Sunday, March 18, 2007


"Great to see thousands of U.S. protesters but where were the millions?"

photo: Reuters.


Mary Walsh said...

I attended the infamous S11 Rally in Melbourne September 12, 2000 where the police horses were reared up directly in front of me. The woman next to me had her finger broken as she pushed away from the horses hooves, against me...

I was physically and mentally afraid of the police on duty that day. They acted in violence against peacefully demonstrating older men and women. I would say I was traumatised at the time, by the experience. Crowding makes it even more dangerous.

I did not attend the next one that was held recently.

Perhaps Americans have experienced similar treatment at the hands of their law enforcers and don't think it is worth with their bodies on the line for a cause.

Mary Walsh

Daniel said...

I suspect it has more to do with apathy, Mary. And, of course, there are a lot of Americans who support Bush especially if America ends up controlling the world. Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

Weather was a factor this time around, especially since a major snow storm blanketed the surrounding states near DC, making travel, not so good! ; (

You must also remember, the media tends to downplay all this also. I read that in DC there were almost as many anti-protesters as......which I seriously doubt.

Daniel said...

Coffee, I'm beginning to wonder if more Americans than is realized support the grab for world domination by Bush and his Outlaws.

I guess that Americans have grown up with this nationalistic idea that 'We're the biggest and the Best' so perhaps they now believe it and feel it is their right to rule?

I can't think of any other reason to explain the relatively small turnout given that several countries that threw out corrupt leaders recently stood in snowstorms. Cheers.

betmo said...

well- you see- you have to have a permit to protest these days. you can only protest in certain areas and if you don't adhere to the rules of protesting- you get arrested. most folks don't know that- and i think it is an effective deterrent to folks raised to do as they are told. now, i am of the mind where- if you don't believe in your government then hang the permits and police barricades and whatnot and go out in force and en masse. but apparently, my fellow americans are not all that into going to jail. they might be uncomfortable. apathy is only part these days. fear of indefinite imprisonment- which is something americans are not used to thinking about- is also there. the latin american folks held their rallies last year and didn't give one whit about anything- and they were successful.

Daniel said...

Interesting comment, Betmo. Shows what a right-wing Government can achieve just using a few threats.

Obviously if the people rose up en masse they couldn't do a single thing about it!