Saturday, March 31, 2007


"With the collapse of communism (and Nazism before it) mankind's utopian fantasies have returned to a religious hue. The Armageddonites (and their co-believer extreme fundamentalists in the Muslim and Jewish worlds) are the new dreamers of bringing paradise to earth, just, however, with the need to eliminate much of the human race first.

In America we have now this strange alliance, the Israeli Likud settler lobby gets money, guns and political cover. In exchange millions of born again "rapture" evangelicals gain fulfillment, believing that they are helping God to end the world during their lifetimes and thereby will get a quick pass to heaven "without dying" (no judgment day). Oh, and with the death of all Jews (and the rest of the human race) who do not convert to their faith. Their "Heaven" incidentally, is sort of socialist with no inequality and everyone rich. A popular Gaither Singers song describes how one won't need to cut the grass in Heaven."

Dear Friends, this frightening excerpt came from the link shown at the end of this post. It is in dramatic contrast to the previous post for which I'm sorry.

These evangelical crazies, many of whom are in high political office in America, want a nuclear war in the Middle East now! Why? So that they can get to heaven without dying! Sound reasonable to you?

Of course, this group of deranged religious fanatics have things in common with the amoral American and European military-industrialists who want endless war because it's a good way for the wealthy to make enormous profits. Sound reasonable to you?

Then, of course, there are the American imperialists who want America to control the whole world so that some Americans can enjoy the very best that this world has to offer (and get cheap fuel for their 4WDs), a task which is already well advanced. Sound reasonable to you?

My hope for world peace has suffered a sudden, dramatic reversal!


beepbeepitsme said...

World peace?

Not while humans are in it. I don't hate humans BTW, I just recognize that we are a quarrelsome lot.

And I think this is due in part to our genetics. We are competitive. We can't seem to help it. But perhaps this innate competitiveness is also fueled way too often by our political protagonists whose agendas may not be compeletely pure.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely frightening stuff, Dan!
I think the day of world peace will come when there are NO humans left on this planet. We seem inclined to just keep fighting amoungst ourselves over one damb thing or another!

Makes me angry!

Daniel said...

Beep and Zoe, I'm convinced that you can know too much about this world. Then you're in the unenviable position of seeing all the problems yet you know that there is little you can do about any of them. 'Whatever Will Be, Will Be,' wasn't it?

I'm making a quiet place down by the small creek which has a little water in it after recent rain. I have a beautiful statue of a Buddha there and I have planted some flowers.

I sit there alone and watch the birds drinking and bathing and listen to the wind in the leaves, and I concentrate on breathing in and out, in and out, slowly, slowly, and, after a while, the ugliness of the human world disappears and I feel peace and even a touch of enlightenment.


Coffee Messiah said...

I still maintain, that children do not manifest these traits until they are conditioned by peers and the media, whatever form. School too, at least here in the US.
Once in a crowd a bully shows up, and the others feel as if they must join in.
There's something to be said about manipulation and what would happen if it never took it's hold.....

Daniel said...

Sadly, I think the seeds of evil are there right from the beginning, Coffee. Children at play can be very cruel and selfish with the larger ones often dominating and hurting the smaller. Thanks for dropping by!

betmo said...

it starts by people having children for whatever reason- and then not teaching them anything. your core values- who you are as a person- comes from your formative years. bullies aren't created in a vacuum and neither are religious fanatics and power grasping despots. yes, culture and peers have a huge influence but decent parenting cannot be discarded. having said that- i am hoping at this point that the world doesn't end while i am still alive. that's about all of the hope i have. nature cannot quell the uneasiness i have about the state of world events. i can take a walk in the woods anytime i want- and all i think is- this may or may not be here soon due to global warming or nuclear annhilation. my own government has done this. if i ever had faith in human nature, it has evaporated.

Daniel said...

We have to keep believing that somehow the better part of our nature will assert itself, Betmo.

The staggering things is that those who are manipulating the whole world for their benefit are probably not more than 5% of the world's population.

We, the majority, could take back our world tomorrow if we had a mind to!