Tuesday, February 27, 2007


"The IDF take stone-throwing Nablus youths away!"


- Maliki Cabinet Approves Draft Oil Law, Allowing US Oil Companies Substantial Share of Iraqi Oil Revenues and Big Tax Breaks

-53 Iraqis Killed on Monday Sketchy Reporting , Abdul Mahdi Survives an Assassination Attempt

- Israel is guilty of occupation, apartheid and colonialism, top UN lawyer reports

- Israeli Occupation Forces Offensive Continues On Nablus, Injuries, Abductions, House Demolition And School Turned Into Interrogation Center

-West Skirting Israeli Nuke Issue, Says Turki Al-Faisal

- US Spin Won't Work, Says Queen Rania

- Clinton and Gore Help Israel Bonds Fund Raising."

The above list of headlines was taken from the al Jazeerah front page today. If you read each headline carefully they seem to form a pattern! (please take the time to visit Special Links, go to al Jazzerah, and read each article in full - they're very illuminating).

What suddenly struck me about these headlines was the clear relationship between what the Americans are now doing in Iraq (and are preparing to do in Iran) with what the Israelis have been doing for forty years in the Palestinian Territories.

It's as if, by osmosis, over decades, the imperialism and brutality of militaristic Israel in the Middle East has floated across the ocean to the United States; as if the little, sly Teacher has said to the big, dumb Student: This Is How The Game Is Played, Goyim, Follow us!

But then, if it's simply a game of 'Follow the Leader' then any militarily-strong country, if it wants something like oil or land belonging to another people or simply doesn't like another nation, it can and should ignore all human rights conventions and international law and just go for it! Invade and occupy to your heart's content. If you're criticized, you simply claim that 'It's disputed territory,' or 'We feared attack,' or 'They might get the same nuclear weapons that we have one day.'

Sorry, I made a mistake. It's not ANY country! Silly me. Only selected countries can do this. Predominately Christian and Jewish countries.

In fact, more correctly, only Christian and Jewish Countries called America and Israel!


The Future Was Yesterday said...

You're one of the few to see past the front pages, and I salute you for that.

I've always thought of Israel as that place my "extra" tax dollars go.

"The Big Dumb Student" doesn't have enough time left on this earth to learn anything from Israel, or anybody else, for that matter. Beauty is skin deep. Stupid is to the bone.

Daniel said...

What always amazes me, FWY, is that America and Israel are so bleedingly obvious. Neither of them understands the word 'subtlety'! Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

I like the headline about cheney in Afghanistan and a bombing where he was staying. Wonder what he is thinking about today?
I continue to get ruffled, as the "americans" that are making these political decisions, aren't those that Vote! ; (
The leadership, like all leaderships, continues to move while they razzle dazzle their country men/women with other BS......
It's disgusting on all sides I'm afraid.....; (

betmo said...

now daniel- speaking like that will get you branded an anti-semitic muslim lover here in the states. you are not allowed to criticize israel here in the land of the free and home of the christian. in fact, until recently, it was pretty much frowned on to open up and say that this country was becoming a christo-fascist police state. now, you can say but many still don't believe it. folks refuse to believe that we get filtered news here and continue to rely on cnn and the associated press and fox news for their current events. sigh. america and israel- both being young countries- have jumped on the imperialist bandwagon- and since we have so much combined military might (or so we think)we can pretty much do what we want with impunity. too bad it is a facade- and folks don't look below the surface. that was the subject of a recent post of mine- so i won't bore you with it here. puritanism vs. porn. you tell me.

betmo said...

i just left a big ole' comment but i am not sure it went through. it seemed to disappear. if it didn't go through- i am sorry but i doubt i can recreate it. suffice to say- i am grateful that you are daring to speak out against the dynamic duo- and it is about time folks started taking a good honest look at how the so-called enlightened west really treats other folks.

Damian Zerek said...

You are a sovereign nation just as long as you do not interfere or go against or challenge the leaders in any way! Sad little world we are living in... sad... the Media does not help it anymore with their continous headlines of death and destruction, albeit showing the brutality of conflict, it is still propaganda to one side.

The question that I can't find a "YES" answer to is: Do we still need religion? another: Is it relevant? and on a side note: What is the true creation that has stemmed from religious belief: War, division, any type of hate etc. or peace and love as we are lead to believe? If a religious person really dives into these questions to find the most honest answers that are unbiased I believe that this person will not be able to look the same way on religion as he did prevoiusly.

I have sometimes this anger against the world leaders for their inactiveness, their incompetency, and their unwillingness! Makes me wonder if these men and women are in power defying the common sense than what stops pigs from flying or 2+2=23? But then usually after this feelling of anger and resentment I start to feel a bit hopeless on the future. That ugly skeleton of reality grins even more trying throw out the last of my dreams!

The story of Atlantis goes that the people there had great riches vast technology, yet they had done actions to shame the gods deserving of destruction and so they were wiped away. Our world is this shameful Atlantis now, primarily the West; more powerful, richer, and more technologically advanced than ever before waiting to be self destroyed. Self destroyed by little ape-men sitting on big shiny red buttons connected to vast supplies of nuclear missiles capable of destroying the world many times over!

Daniel said...

Damian, your great comment gives me heart that there must be lots of people out there who understand the situation. If we could all somehow get together, speak with one voice we might achieve something!

Betmo, I have been branded as many things. Questioning the status quo has always been a risky business. What amazes me is that people in the so-called First World are all 'educated' but most of them never question anything. Strange, isn't it?


Mary Walsh said...

The Mouth of a Whale and the Brain of a Sardine.....I like that expression to explain Israel and American Governments in the one sentence....nothing else covers it!

Mary Walsh

Daniel said...

The sardine and the whale, thinking only of themselves, threaten to destroy us all, Mary.

They make up less than 5% of the world's population but that worries them not one jot!