Saturday, February 03, 2007


This insect has really taken camouflage to a new level. Once George's war is finished and the last human disappears, this might be the creature which next takes over at the top of the hierarchy of species.

Doesn't look very imposing does it? But then humans are not very imposing either. In fact, given what humans have done, and are doing, to the world they live in, this creature has more than earned its place in the world. Humans have forfeited it!

In the main, humans are disgusting! The sooner they disappear the better.


Coffee Messiah said...

Although you may be right, I'm of a mind even that population won't survive.
With all the chemicals in the soil, among other places, land that was fit for farming, is not anymore.
Out here there's a big push to build Ethanol plants. Sadly, among other issues of course, it's been found that not enough corn can be grown, so it will be carried by train from other areas.
Where's the sense in that?
Also, since moving to this part of the country, I've found that since the government has done what they've done, and farmers went to Soy/Corn farming, the land that once could be used for fruits and vegetables, can longer do so, due to the chemicals used in the soild now.
How messed up is that? Pretty! ; (
There's a Documentary called: The End Of Suburbia, well worth seeing on this subject. Rings true, 'cause I'm the part of the generation that grew up "in little boxes, made out of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same."
Hey, Cheers to you and sorry I forgot to sign my email with my screen name. I'm sure you figured it out though!

Daniel said...

Thanks for dropping by. We are heading into the Dark Ages again, I'm afraid. Perhaps this time, with a bit of luck, we won't emerge!


dining_philosopher said...

Ah! Daniel is becoming a nihilist. :) Welcome to my world Daniel. Maybe you should change the blog name to "Seeking Annhilation".

Once the human race perishes and another species evolves and eventually dominates, maybe these new futuroids will do archeological digs and find our bones and wonder how we perished. Maybe some of them will even postulate that we were killed by meteor hits. And then, one fine day, it will come to one of the futuroid scientists, "Oh! The buggers killed each other!"

Daniel said...

They'd possibly say, "The stupid buggers." Cheers.

L. Sparrow said...

Fascinating, disturbing, intrigueing and thought provoking ....

Amazing how we as humans have not evolved accordingly .... :(


Lucyp said...

I remember reading/hearing somehere that the next evolutionary leap to replace us would be Bears. No idea why them especially.

Daniel said...

I'd heard cockroaches and rats, Lucy!

Kvatch said...

...maybe these new futuroids will do archeological digs and find our bones and wonder how we perished.

More likely they'll find our toilets and say to themselves, "WTF?" You know...nothing survies the ages like porcelain.

Daniel said...

Perhaps radiation might go close, Kvatch!

iMuslim said...

I don't know why you hold insects in such high regard...

They are notorious cannibals, reproduce like crazy, destroy their natural habitat with their ferocious appetites, are carriers for many a disease, and the only reason their populations are kept in check, is that they are heavily preyed upon.

Can't see how we're worse than them.

At least we have some sense of morality and accountability, and though it might only be a minority of the species, in our defense, not all humans are not out to destroy the only habitable planet within a reachable distance.

iMuslim said...

Oops... delete the second "not" in the last sentence!

Typos completely undermine the strength of an argument - damn them all! hehe

Daniel said...

We're worse than them, iMuslim, because we should know better!