Tuesday, February 06, 2007


While I've been involved in some fairly strong anti-Bush activism over the last few months, an idea has been slowly forming in my mind, one that might ruffle a few feathers. Of course it's nothing new but it seems to have very important relevance during these increasingly troubled times.

My idea? Perhaps it's time to take America down as a world power. Perhaps it's time the rest of the world joined together and stood up to America and its crazy leader before we all become enveloped in an even greater catastrophe than that which already exists (thanks to George).

One reason why I think this should happen is because both the American people and their legal and political system do not appear capable of getting rid of George quickly hence stopping the escalating menace that he represents.

In fact I found, ironically perhaps, during my bitter-sweet experience on a large American blog (one that claims to be left-wing) that there were plenty of none-to-subtle comments based upon the rather elitist view that 'what right did I have, as a mere Australian, to be suggesting to Americans what they should be doing or not doing even if they appear to be totally impotent.' They seemed to forget that this is my bloody world too! And yours!

Now I want to make it clear that there are many genuine, down to earth, courageous Americans who are only too aware of the embarrassment and danger that Bush has created for America and are working flat out to get rid of him. They are listed in my special links. Many of them comment regularly on my blog and share my concerns!

But there appear to be just as many Americans who do a lot of talking but when it comes down to actually doing something like challenging the Government, it all gets put in the too-hard basket! Obviously their indoctrination is well entrenched and unshakable (you know, We belong to the Greatest Country in the World, etc).

There also seems to me to be a strong undercurrent of fear evident on some American blogs at what Bush and his right-wing militarists might do to people should they protest too loudly or act too aggressively. It is almost as though Big Brother is already at work. Americans are scared of being labelled as unpatriotic or sent to correction camps.

And, of course, there are still Americans who actually applaud what Herr Bush is doing as he blatantly seeks to dominate the world both militarily and economically.

You think I'm joking? Already America is the world's largest military power. It spends more on armaments than the rest of the world combined. If America succeeds in gaining control (by invasion and occupation) of the bulk of the world's oil (which is found in the Middle East) then it will control future economic growth of the world as well. It can turn off or shrink the supply of oil to countries that might be getting a bit above their station or who might pose a threat to American dominance (China and India perhaps).

Obviously, there is always a danger when any one nation becomes too strong. It is a situation that almost invites someone like Bush and his Neocons to come along and seize the vast power then use it for their own ends which is exactly what they are doing (with a little help from gullible allies like Australia and Britain).

It is time for the rest of the world to recognize the imminent danger and step up to the plate and pull America into line. They can do it economically because America has an enormous debt. And they can do it militarily if they combine forces (no, I'm not suggesting that we invade and occupy America, merely show that the world means what it says).

Superpowers of any kind are a threat to the world. No nation should ever again be allowed to become one especially one that contains only a minuscule 4-5% of the world's population.

Firstly, let's help America to get rid of Bush. Then we must ensure that it becomes and remains just another member of the world's 'United Nations'.

Power corrupts, remember! Absolute power...


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I wandered by here after reading comments of yours on Granny's place. My eyes open to this Aussie that wants to "take America Down!" Whoa! Some heavy stuff there!:) But I think you can relax and sit back. George is going to do it for you. When that jerk is done, we'll have to pay YOU to take America!

And you wrote the truth. It's just hard to take, sometimes. Some Americans have gotten this idea that we're one step above......

Now we're finding out we're not. We're desperately hanging on to keep from falling down the steps. Our government hates us, the world hates us....it's not a pretty time to be an American.

But I'm still proud I am!:)

Daniel said...

Thanks for dropping by and expressing such honesty. My heart bleeds for you and your countrymen.

Hopefully we can all work together to make the world a great place to live for everyone!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Just a heads up to let you know I cited your blog, as well as a couple of your posts, here, in what I hope was a fair manner.

Daniel said...

it was very fair! And the plea from you, an American, is probably worth more than a million pleas from me.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Americans will respond quickly to this world problem.


Zoe said...

I am so pleased that you have met 'the future', Dan! It's wonderful. HI 'FUTURE'! :`)

Now, I know you are a sceptic, and that's fine,but,I have actually 'seen' the fall of America as the dominant world power. I feel desperately for her people and encourage that they band together whole-heartedly now in preparation for what is to come. Bush has wreaked destruction that he isn't even aware of yet. And the irony is that he won't even be leading the country when it falls.
It makes me so sad.

Zoe xxx

Daniel said...

I'm also an optimist, Zoe, one who hopes that the Americans can pull back from the brink before it's too late!

Cheers! xxxxxxxxxx

betmo said...

i couldn't even finish reading! i was just talking to my mom about this the other day! i am glad to hear i am not the only to think this. the arrogance and hubris of us americans to think that everything we say and do is ok because-- we are america- is getting a bit hard to swallow. the shortsightedness and egocentrism from the left is particularly galling for me. i think perhaps i have lost some readership for my critical posts on america- and israel- because i don't understand why we shouldn't question and criticize. i feel that it is time- as it was for the british empire and other empires- that america realizes that our country is no better or worse than any other in the world. we must take off the mantle of superpower because we no longer deserve it. we are not leading the world anymore- now we are just trying to strip it of its resources for profit. very sad end indeed. thanks for this post.

thepoetryman said...

AS you well know my poetry generally speaks for me (my muse). America is "absolutely" in for an "absolute" pummeling if we do not respond quickly to this beast, aka, Herr Bush... It should have been done in 2004 or should I say it should never have been. I see your point, bittersweet as it may be. (9-11...the perfect kow-tower.)

Thank you for expressing yourself without hesitation.


Daniel said...

Betmo, thanks for your awareness and your understanding. If more Americans were like you they wouldn't be in the situation they are.

Poetryman, my friend, keep up your good work. Together we may achieve something before it's too late!

Coffee Messiah said...

Although I wholeheartedly agree, the people I know and have known do not feel the same way the big money corporate greeds attempt to run the world, as if all americans feel the same way.
I'm sure, like most countries, it's not the people, it's the corporate whores that are running things.
I've traveled and not as an arrogant american, but as one attempting to fit in, and soak up the culture I am visiting.
It's always been depressing to see McD, Starbucks in these other countries, to name only two.
Hopefully the world will join together and somehow vote to overthrow those that think of nothing but "their" pocketbooks, at the expense of those that elect/pay their salary.

Daniel said...

I saw on a blog recently something about how capitalism destroys democracy. Sad but true.

Capitalism bring out the worst in human beings, Coffee. The Ancient Greeks were right to put money-grubbing at the very bottom of worthwhile human endeavour. Cheers!

Lucyp said...

Bringing down Bush i could support wholeheartedly, bringing down America i would back away from.
Every superpower in history eventually comes crashing down to earth from the Romans through to the British but America would take down so many others with it.

betmo said...

and yet- the right touts pure capitalism as what we have to do. it makes me so frustrated that i don't know what to do. my fellow blogger-spadoman- and i were talking about how even well meaning people fit the bill of 'american arrogance' and what not. we were talking about how many people-left or right- would be willing to forego the big houses and cars and creature comforts if it meant saving the planet. my guess is- not many. which is why we have the government we do. sigh.

Daniel said...

Lucy, the way America is going it will take the world down with it!

Betmo, the point you make is valid. But surely humans are better than pigs! Or are they?


Damian Zerek said...

The cold war wasn't a pleasant time period of history but at least it provided a counterbalance to the US. When any one country is the sole remaining Superpower regardless whether it is the US, China, Russia, Israel there will be little difference from now. Due to the lack of a counter force the country will basically feel entitled to do whatever it wants in the world. There are two options in solving this problem:

a) Create a new superpower that will rival America in Manpower and technology. Taking the lessons from the cold war this usually leaves one superpower remaining that can dominate the world as the US did after the fall of the Soviet Union.

b)This one seems as likely as the moon to crashing into the earth. But all nations simply disarm. Eliminating the need for a superpower and moving one step closer to Utopia that this blog seeks.


Daniel said...

It's a real irony, Damian, that America, that bulwark against the Evil Empire of Russia has now become the Evil Empire itself.

As I suggested, all other nations must band together and leave the U.S., Australia and Britain isolated.

Europe is already in the process of doing this to ensure it doesn't get swallowed up by America but the circle needs to be widened further.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Russia and China joined Europe against America?


Chimpy McHitlerburton said...

So if the world banded together against the "new" Evil Empire, who would be the good guys and who would be the bad guys?

What made the Soviet Union Evil? Why was that period unpleasant? And for whom?

I really gotta say, here, that your 'Hate America (and it's buddies)' theme is amazingly shallow. You wallow in a pool of back-slapping and self-congratulation without looking for counter argument. The phrase "preaching to the choir" is meant to represent a bad thing.

You want to convince people? Open yourself to argument.

Daniel said...

Ah, Chimps, you're back! Good. I was going to ask you to reveal your blog URL, you know, as a sign that you're a genuine person (even if a genuinely misguided one).

Hate America? Can you read, Chimps? I understand. Only words of three or less letters. Where exactly have I said that I hate America?

But I do hate, in common with 90% of the rest of the world and nearly 70% of the American people, Bush and his Neocon Outlaws.

Open myself to argument? Do you know someone who is capable of arguing? Your keeper, perhaps!

Lucyp said...

I would be in that 90%.

Daniel said...

Lucy, I think most Americans can see what a fool they elected.

Some of them even think that George was elected via voting fraud! Do you think our George would be capable of that?

betmo said...

there is a large segment of the population that most emphatically did not vote for these people. there was clear evidence of voting fraud, voting machines that did not work correctly, folks being turned away at the polls- and on and on. america isn't the example for the world anymore- because what made us great to begin with- our freedoms- have been taken away- and allowed to be so- by insecure, amoral, empty people who are out for total world domination at the expense of the planet earth. the actual amount of people believing the right wing claptrap is nearer to 25-30% of the total american population- if that.

Daniel said...

Then there is even more reason for the people to rise up and throw out the imposter, Betmo!

But quickly is the operative word.

dining_philosopher said...

betmo, what exactly do you mean by "amoral". Could you be kind enough to comment on Clinton's morality? Or, for that matter, the morality of any US president.

I think just about everyone in the US is corrupt. The left wingers are being sanctimonious. More here:


Daniel said...

D.P., I think that capitalism corrupts wherever it is found. There must be a large 'greed' gene inside every human.