Saturday, January 06, 2007


Possums, after a long chat with Danny, we decided to remove my last post called HIGH NOON AT HAMMONDVILLE (plus some other no-consequence bits and pieces). After all, hanging dirty washing in public is silly and defeats the whole purpose of this serious blog.

Blame it on my inexperience with blogging but I do feel strongly about some things as does Danny and, as you would know, I'm not afraid to express my opinion. But opinions are two-bob a dozen and while most of us have them, in the main they rest on shaky foundations (not mine of course)! And, more importantly, I forgot there are some small-minded folk out there who are waiting to exploit any chink in Danny's armour in order to pull him down and to destroy his blog. Over my dead body!

Well, let me assure them and you that I, Danielle Muriel Wittlerspoon, seamstress and proud of it, understand the meaning of the word LOYALTY and Danny and I, soon enough, will make a formidable team as we work together to try to make the world a better place. You could join us if you like!

P.S. The roses Danny bought me still look beautiful. Just like me (on a good day)! xxxxxxxxxxx

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