Sunday, January 07, 2007



The President of the French Republic, Mr. Jacques Chirac called for the creation (by the Quartet) of a NEW INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of a type which would allow effective negotiations to be set in train. He observed that the Middle East had become the epicentre of international tension.

He added that this conflict fosters a sense of incomprehension and injustice throughout the Muslim world. He said that, "The new international order was built on double standards. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict crystallises the resentment felt on all sides. It is therefore here that the inevitability of failure must be forestalled. We know what the outline of a settlement would be: two states living in peace and security. The roadmap accepted by all parties has marked out the path to that outcome. On each side there are representatives and they are once again talking to each other. What is still lacking is trust," Chirac said.

Thanks heavens someone has appeared on the scene with sufficient intelligence and statesmanship to see that the double-standard used by most nations over the last forty years is counterproductive. Hopefully, France will take a strong lead role in setting up this new initiative.

For it to work, surely America must be excluded!

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