Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Do you remember this man? He was the man who sat at the U.N. and, straight-faced, told the whole world a tissue of lies about fearsome weapons of mass destruction which necessitated the immediate invasion of Iraq. I wrote many letters to this man urging him not to invade Iraq. I'm sure I wasn't alone. He ignored us all.

He was the Secretary of State for the right-wing Bush regime for four years until he was replaced by Condi Rice. He fabricated, evaded, propagandised, you name it. Just like a common prostitute faced with ten thousand dollars in cash, he did whatever was requested of him. He'd gone to the master's house!

He is now the man who, having suffered an amazing about-face, is now saying that America is losing the war in Iraq and that sending more troops will make no difference. Now, without the slightest qualm, he contradicts his replacement while he holds his hands in a prayerful pose.

For me he represents the two-faced, forked-tongue style of leadership that controls America today. It is a leadership that will use any means to achieve their narrow objectives, will tell any lie, will undertake any invasion, occupation, nuclear attack, whatever, to maintain America's pre-eminence in things military AND economic.

Ironically, that megalomaniac Bush, despite having lost both houses, is pushing to increase troop numbers in Iraq significantly. Currently a large battle group of American warships is on its way to the Middle East and the sycophantic Blair is beginning to bray about the 'threat' posed by Iran. Predictably, he will soon be joined by Howard. The signs are ominous and the result (should Iran be attacked) will be both predictable and catastrophic. Enjoy Xmas because the New Year could hold some unpleasant surprises.

And expect to be cajoled and lied to by many earnest, important, well-dressed people from the Federal Coalition, from America, from Israel, from Britain, etc, all of whom have two-faces and forked-tongues which cannot be changed even by cosmetic surgery!