Thursday, December 21, 2006


After a period of what may have appeared to be disorder SEEKING UTOPIA (and its twin SECRETLY SEEKING UTOPIA) has settled down and I'm well pleased with the result, one where everyone is a winner!

I now have a blog which is open to the world plus a duplicate blog (more or less) which is open for special people to comment on. No longer do I have waste my time arguing with, or being insulted by: intellectual wankers, guttersnipes, religious or political extremists, societal misfits, egomaniacs, small-minded bores and folk who're just plain nasty and/or psychologically disturbed all of whom deserve no voice! When the comment button lights up now, I feel pleasure not apprehension!

And when members comment on SSU they can do so with the knowledge that they won't be attacked or ridiculed by riffraff even if they put forward opposing or controversial views which they often do!

I no longer contribute to blogs that allow or encourage malicious comments but I'm always watching out for courteous, caring and controversial commenters to invite to join the broad cross-section of folk at SSU. Quality is what I'm after, not quantity!

P.S. My thanks go to Arthur, Bruce and Neil (and others of similar ilk) who, with malice aforethought, unwittingly helped to bring about the positive changes which have made my blogs and my life much better.