Tuesday, December 26, 2006


"Worship God, not Technology," urges the Pope!

Don't we get any other choices? It as though we have to choose between a rock and a hard place, or being choked to death or hung, or to die from cancer or emphysema.

I mean god, God and GOD don't exist and God's rival 'Technology' has brought us to the edge of extinction so what kind of choice is that to impose upon us peasants as, at Xmas, we chew on a stringy chicken and look hopefully for small coins in the tinned plum pudding.

It's alright for the Pope. He lives in a palace and enjoys luxury we can only dream about. He wears lavish costumes like in a pantomime and red slippers. People kiss his ring daily, pay him homage, shower him with gifts and all he has to do is to wave smoking objects slowly about and look serious and occasionally speak in Latin.

Those who control technology live in mansions on large, fenced-off estates and have servants and limos and more money that they can spend and tax havens offshore and large motor cruisers and private jets and a bevy of compliant politicians at their beck and call and dine at the best restaurants.

Whereas we, the salt of the earth, those who work for the mansion owners and sometimes are preyed upon in the Pope's real estate, live in small ticky-tacky boxes which have large mortgages and terrible neighbours and barking dogs. We drive rattling, rusting vehicles which are also smoking objects and move slowly - when they go at all! Luxury for us is found at the Workers Club at the cafeteria followed by the excitement of the five cent pokies where, amidst our excitement at getting a fifty cent drop, we can inhale secondhand cigarette smoke for free. The joy of it all!

Worship God, not technology, indeed. Next Xmas, Pope, how about a few more choices!