Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Cascade

Life is a cascade, one in which we're made

To be a part of a soft gurgling flow at the start.

Then it gets faster, we are no longer the master.

We hold our breath; suddenly we become aware of death.

Then the flow ceases. In a tranquil pool, finally there's peace.


greenfingers said...

If you study Hinduism(the bhudda is the 9th avatar of Vishnu),there is a cycle to the cosmos and we are in the age of Kali-yuga where everything is starting to dissolve back to the primeval energy. The 10th avatar is Kalki,that brings the final end to the universe,so that it can start all over again.

Monaliza Copa said...

i was just searching for a site where i could relax my mind...after a very stressful day... i typed 'happiness' and here's where my searching brought me. and truly, the pictures and the inspirational quotes here have calmed my troubled mind....