Friday, March 26, 2010


Even cats know how to smile,

You should try it for a while.

It's really not that hard to do.

Who'll be the winner? You!

Make sure you make time to smile and laugh each day. It's good medicine for the spirit as well as the body. And it's very contagious too.


KathyM said...

A conversation between a dog lover and a cat lover:

Dog lover says "If dog is man's best friend then why do we need cats?"

Cat lover says "Because something has to be the center of the universe!"

rose of grace said...

I lurve this picture. That is one awesome smiling cat. I love tht cat. (He) reminds me of Jethro from my childhood.
It requires less effort to smile than to frown upside down.

Anonymous said...
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Elmira said...

This is a very lovely photo of a cat:-) Did you take this yourself? I love cats too.

When I smile I get back more smiles in return. Thanks for this post!