Monday, September 22, 2008

The Desire For Peace Is Universal

Rarely does a photograph convey so much,

Yet peace is elusive, impossible to touch.


Anonymous said...

Of course it does depend on your perspective. Take the chimpanze for example, this little chap could be thinking ' Mine all mine,now all I need is a side of figs! or maybe he could be thinking ,' Now how do I get this lovely plump dove to take me to best fruit on the very thin branches?'
Have a nice day Dan, Hope you're good, Nigel AKA Monica:)

Octavian said...

That is a very cute picture. I hope you are doing well. I do agree, peace is preferable to its alternative. So much data is lost in the process!

Daniel said...

Hey, Nigel/Monica, long time, no hear! Great to know you're still about and trust you and yours are well.

I'm still plugging along. Sometimes I ask myself why?

Octavian, too many people are making money from war for peace to stand a chance.