Saturday, July 26, 2008

High in the sky are many things

Some say angels with satiny wings.

Others photograph cosmic collisions

Beyond the reach of human decisions.


betmo said...

diaphanous clouds
covering endless cosmos-
tantalizing men.

enigma4ever said...

nice Betmo..very ....sigh..

And wow....Mr Utopia...lovely...

( you left me a comment about Obama and the forgiveness issue- please email me-, I did not see what he said and I want to learn and know more- very concerned...and yes, I take What America has DONE very seriously and I do believe that we as americans must openly apologize to the world....I also think that like South Africa after aparthied ended that we as a nation must be well connected to our crimes and our plan to accept accountability and be responsible for the repairs and reconciliation that are so badly needed on so many levels within our country and with the rest of the world....)

enigma4ever said...

I tried to leave you a comment at Dangerous Creation...but the anti-spam test said " Word that follows Dangerous"...I am sorry- but I had not clue what to type in- so it is a trick ?

I was so so confused what to put ???

so here is the comment I tried to leave- you blogged about my troll over on watergatesummer..

"I had no idea that you blogged this...I am so sorry that you saw what he wrote...the "Future Was Yesterday" has been haunting me for many monthes now and leaving rude disgusting comments- I try to delete them as soon as possible- so they will not offend readers at Watergatesummer...there is a difference between expressing opinions and attacking a blogger...I view it like my home..if he were to come to my home and say such horrible things- he would obviously be shown the door...quickly...... and sadly yes, the attacks during this Campaign season have been wretched- and I am not whining here- but as woman- they - the Repug Thugs have no scruples...and yes, women are their first target.... but I am doing all I keep my blog warm and i am sorry..come back anytime.... thank you..."

thank you again..hope all is well..

enigma4ever said...

oh, I am an idiot..I bet I was suposed to put Creation...oye...

Daniel said...

Thanks for calling by Betmo and Enigma! I really must make more posts here.