Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Beginning?

Hi! Since closing Seeking Utopia down I've come back to it often. I guess it's part of me in a way and there's a great deal of me in it!

Worried from Is America Burning recently asked me why it wasn't still visible because she enjoyed reading some of the archives that are contained herein. The result is that I've opened Seeking Utopia again for those who may be interested.


betmo said...

i think we all need a refuge from life's storms. i have betmo's corner and scrap paper. it is important to me because there isn't much left to fight for. and i am tired of fighting against the tide of stupid humanity who seems hell bent on its own annihilation.

Daniel said...

I agree, betmo. That's why this blog is important for me as well. Hopefully it can provide something positive for others too.