Monday, January 14, 2008

What's Bush Up To?

"Would you buy a used car from this man?"

Friends, the current grand visit by George Bush, friend and protector of all Arab countries (especially those with lots of yummy oil) is not without purpose. The question is: what is the real purpose and who will it benefit?

Taking the second part of the question first, we know from past experience that whatever it is, it will inevitably benefit America economically and militarily. Israel, its proxy in the region, could also get a cut of the loot.

Bush, seen above, has been enthusiastically hugging any Arab wearing royal robes. He has waved a curved sword high in the air and made symbolic stabbing motions. He has promised aid to all Arab countries (some of whom, ironically, have more wealth than America itself) if they adopt a servile, forelock-tugging approach and give America full support (or at least no criticism) for whatever madness it is currently proposing. He has been strong in his unqualified support for royal fiefdoms and randy despots despite his unshakable belief in democracy.

Returning to the first part of the question, what is the purpose of his visit? The rhetoric against Iran, that country of despicable snakes and vipers and all manner of evil and darkness, has suddenly been turned up. Could it just be coincidence?

Sadly, not all Arab countries embrace this fatuous propaganda and some of them see America as full of despicable snakes and vipers and all manner of evil and darkness. Not even the presence of zillions of nuclear-armed American warships in Middle Eastern waters seem to stop this unfortunate viewpoint occurring, some say spreading. Mind you, this invincible flotilla was recently threatened by several tiny Iranian speedboats and the whole world held its breath waiting for all the warships to be blown out of the water, like in Pearl Harbour. Some unkind people (I was one) laughed uproariously instead of holding their breath!

However, let's cut to the chase: is Bush the Peacemaker's visit to get the leaders in the region ready for an imminent attack on Iran by the American/Israeli alliance using nuclear weapons?

Now look, I'm sorry that I don't have a direct line to the White House (known by some as the Crazy House) so I can't tell you. We, the little people, don't get told such important things. They are only spoken about in whispers behind locked doors by Kings and intellectually-challenged Presidents.

But know this: George Bush is not in the Middle East for his annual vacation. He is not hugging fat Arabs for nothing. He is not periodically wearing a skullcap for no reason.

Folks, be prepared for absolutely anything!

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Lucyp said...

My guess would be he is there to try and gauge the feeling towards any possible attack on Iran and to show some support for his good friend Israel. Can't see why else he would be there, certainly isn't to help the Palestinian cause at all.

Daniel said...

Lucy, beware of Americans bearing gifts, I reckon, especially if they have an armada of warships close by and they are led by a retard!

Phill said...

The rhetoric about Iran is being ratcheted up,and for mine it is only a matter of time before a strike is launched on its nuclear facilities.

You do not have to be Henry Kissenger to work out some thing is in the pipe line regarding Iran.The media is alive with speculation to what is going down.

I fear for my grand childrens future.

Daniel there is an article in the web site "Counter Punch" about the mental state of Bush, it makes scary reading.

Daniel said...

Phill, I think we're moving into dangerous waters. Bush is weak and a moron and he is being manipulated by some very evil men. Hold onto your hat! Cheers.

Phill said...

" Phill, I think we're moving into dangerous waters. Bush is weak and a moron and he is being manipulated by some very evil men. Hold onto your hat! Cheers."
6:03 PM

Yes aint that the truth? And yes I am holding on to my hat,shoot me down at your leisure, but I believe the republicans are getting desperate for another issue to cloud the fiasco called Iraq,and the collapse of the economy some are speculating, is in the offing soon.

I think even some of the most optimistic among the repuglycans know it's dollars to donuts, they are going to get another Clinton in the White House, this may be the last throw of the dice before the system collapses.

As I commented on an earlier thread,I listened to the debate of the candidates for the repuglycans nomination for potus,it is obvious the man who they fear most is Ron Paul,this fellow is rather dangerous to the system ,because he is the closest thing to any where near telling the truth.

The rest of them are as bad as Bush and no doubt just as dangerous.As an aside the man I fear the most is,Mitt Romney,this man is probably one of the most confident and articulate speakers,I have heard for a very long time.

Still if he gets in Americans can have as many wives as they want ha ha.

Yes I am holding on to my hat,it is super glued to my wig.


Coffee Messiah said...

Ha, ha, how ironic to spew Peace while at the same time still beating the war drum over Iran. ; (

I tell ya, this last yr of him in office is getting longer and longer! ; (

Daniel said...

Perhaps that's the answer, Phill, allow men to be polygamous and they won't have the energy to fight wars or amass fortunes!

He's not gone yet, Coffee, so don't count your chickens too soon!