Sunday, January 13, 2008

What're YOU Doing Here?

According to Reuters, a Polish man went to a brothel and discovered his wife was one of the fleshy delights on offer. He thought she was working in a shop in another town as she'd told him. The couple are now divorcing. How sad.

Though some may find this little story amusing, it does highlight the difficulties of human relationships in 2008: the uneasy truce that exists between men and women, the lustful, deceitful nature of humans generally, and the uncertainties of life. Nothing serious!

Of course, human relationships are in a state of flux. No one really knows what's right anymore. Or cares. Rafferty's Rules seem to apply. The moralities that once applied (at least in theory) have been thrown out the door. Now it seems that the modus operandi is: 'If you think you can get away with it, go for it!'

Who knows, brothels may soon offer both men and women to their customers. Or children. Or animals. Perhaps some already do given that human depravity appears to be infinite!

I wonder what the longterm implications of this are for human society. Can you throw away all the conventions, things like fidelity, loyalty, honesty, decency, etc. and expect society to remain stable, to provide a protective, supportive place for children to grow up in?

How many hurt and bewildered children are out there, I wonder, innocent victims of their 'We Want It All' parent or parents?

They will carry the scars forever. And pass them on.

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Worried American said...

Parents who fail to instill standards of morality in their children.

The pervasive influence of poor standards on TV shows and movies. Immorality, cheating, lying, etc. If a character can put something over on another character by lies, deceit, or other infamous acts, he is regarded as smarter than the victim and the victim is regarded as a stupid wuss. Promiscuous sexual behavior is usually common practise in many shows.

The lack of morality and standards in the highest role models in the land - people in the halls of government from the President on down. After the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal when the president asserted he did not have sex with Monica because there was no actual intercourse, a wave of "it isn't really sex" swept our teens and young people. Peer pressure to engage in oral sex and mutual masturbation was rampant.

Kids DO notice adult behavior and especially that which is widely publicized or occurs in their families and communities.

Daniel said...

Worried, how can adults expect their kids to have standards when so many of them have none themselves?

And when television sets the entertainment and cultural standard so low as to be almost non-existent, how can we blame people from abandoning decency.

And the internet, it too often is a sewer where the depraved and greedy can stalk the unwary and the gullible.

Where will it end?