Saturday, January 05, 2008

Iowa - Are There Dire Implications?

After seven years of George Bush, America has just held their first vote in Iowa for a cabal of Presidential Candidates. And the winners are: an Evangelical Republican and a Black Democrat!

Now, to an Australian living a long distance away (but one who has been traumatized by the reign of Bush and still doesn't know what he's likely to do during the balance of his presidency) I find the actions of the American people in a predominately white State to be somewhat concerning.

First there is the evangelical dimension to Huckerbee. I saw a group of the faithful holding prayer sessions prior to the vote. Surely religion and politics are supposed to be separate! And the world has just had to put up with a deranged President who thinks that he's on a Divine Mission.

Then there is Obama. Now, even in Australia, most educated people know that there are still big problems in America between blacks and whites. We see it in police beatings, in what happened to poor blacks after Katrina paid a visit, in pictures of homeless people, etc. So why have the white Democrats in Iowa abandoned Clinton and voted for a man who represents a coloured, depressed minority?

Something strange is happening in America. I don't know what. Perhaps it has to do with Bush and the reaction to the widespread stress and fear that he and his Neocons have created not only in America but across the world. Perhaps it's something else, something more sinister. Or is it hopeful?

The world awaits New Hampshire with interest and trepidation!

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Worried American said...

I am scared half to death.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take Iowa seriously. It's not a true primary. It's a reflection of our corrupt system and the disinformation campaign againts some candidates that the very able Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich polled far lower than Obama, Edwards and Clinton.
Things may change for Obama in the actual primaries, but the latter two now haven't a chance. I can't vote for someone whom I wish to vote for because of what someone in Iowa decided. You tell me whether that's democracy or not--I say it's a crapshoot.
There's no reason to have these things over a period of months--have them all at once, and the election right afterward. That way they are less likely to be tampered with.
As for Obama's politics? Well, he makes people feel good. He is the sort of guy some guys want to have a beer with. Some people voted for him for the same idiotic reasons they voted for Bush.
Obama hasn't really done anything; he's a very inexperienced politician. But I need to state that there are some people who would vote for any man rather than vote for a woman--particularly Mrs. Clinton...
I don't like her, but it's because of her politics, not her sex. (for the record I am also female.)
So the reaction: Be afraid of the Republicans, since only one of them is sane. I don't see Huckabee getting the nomination from the party which sought to use evangelicals and was co-opted by them. But I could be wrong. Things will be getting interesting in the coming months, but Iowa doesn't predict the finale.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Understandable confusion on your part. If I lived anywhere else in the world I'd be scratching my head too. We are an idiotic people. But you can forget Huckabee or any of the gaggle of Republicans. Real race is between Obama/Edwards/Clinton (providing one of more of them isn't assassinated before the end of this campaign - Pakistan is not alone). Obama is only half black (his mother was white and from Kansas, which is Republican territory and extremely white) so that lets the racists say, "Well, he is HALF white!" And he'll probably win because he has Oprah Winfrey (do you know who she is?...the talk show hostess?). He was lagging behind Clinton in Iowa and then Oprah campaigned for him and by golly, he won! All of the women in America love Oprah. She is God to them. So that's half the vote right there.

Daniel said...

Worried, Anony and Neil, thanks for your valuable input into this thread and clearly demonstrating you're not part of the 'idiotic people' crowd.

P.S. I was gladdened to hear there is one sane Republican!

LarryE said...

I, uh - what?

"So why have the white Democrats in Iowa abandoned Clinton and voted for a man who represents a coloured, depressed minority?"

First, let me make it clear that I am not an Obame supporter. But I honestly have no idea what you mean. Why is it "concerning" that white Iowans are ready to support a black man?

Did it perhaps occur to you that he won because enough of those "white Democrats" didn't care that he is black?

Or are you trying to suggest that a black man can't possibly win the general election so those that supported him in Iowa are nuts?

One other thing: Yes, Huckabee is clearly the GOP candidate with who the evangelical right would be most comfortable - but he is also running the most populist campaign among Republicans and that surely accounts for some measure of his support.

(And no, Huckabee would not be considered a populist if he were running as a Democrat. But he isn't. Among Republicans, he is the most populist of the lot.)

Daniel said...

Hey Larrye, great to have your input. I don't think I would be the only person on this earth who would consider it a virtual impossibility for a black person to be President in America. Let's face facts, eh?

And the thought of yet another Bible-bashing President fills me with fear! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of black presidents,bible bashing presidents,and presidents on rusty chains,I have even read the comments of Dan the man and I'm still none the wiser

Daniel said...

Wisdom is something that is acquired slowly. Be patient. Your reward will be great.


Anonymous said...

Keep me away from wisdom which does not cry,the philosophy that does not laugh, and the greatness that does not bow before children.
Kahil Gibran.

Wisdom comes in many forms,but it is a fool that does not learn by his own experience,and not the wisdom of others.Reason can only come from truth, and not from behind a cloak of lies and deceit.

Yes wisdom is a long course,I have seen it in many forms.

Daniel said...

"The man is wisest who, like Socrates, has realized that in truth his wisdom is worth nothing." Plato.

Reason does not always relate to wisdom, Anony 2.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it does not.It relates to truth.And this is what Socrates meant.

There is only truth.All else is the figment of another's imagination.

What was it Shakespear said "To thine own self be true"

Then it must surely follow"Follow as the night the day thou canst be false to any man"

Nancy said...

American voters vote for who makes them 'feel good' not on the issues. That explains the popularity of Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Obama. No one cares if Obama is black, they care if they want to have a beer with him! The same drivel was published when Bush was running against Kerry...Kerry was voted lesser because he looked 'stiff'--we are politically retarded here. That explains a lot of what has been going on for the past decade and longer.

Some voters--probably the majority of voters--are more concerned with someone's 'image' and stage presence than with what they have accomplished in government. That has been the case since Reagan's era. He's also to blame for bringing the Bible Bashers into politics.

It's going to be an interesting year, and not, I hope, in the Chinese sense of the term.

Lucyp said...

My take on the Obama win is that he represents as much of a change of direction from Bush as it is possible to get. I do not know how much of a dilemma some voters face because he is black, none whatsoever i would like to think as much as Clinton being a woman should not be a factor.
For me the fact that a woman and a black man are even running and doing so well should be celebrated.

Lil Sparrow said...

Fascinating is it not? From one extreme to the next .... they plunder and lope like old horses those United States....

It is almost like a good drama, or a thriller, we are enticed by the horror of it all ..... the stage has been set for good entertainment.....

How else would a woman or a noncaucasian be voted into being President for the United States - I would hope because these individuals are the BEST candidates (crossing fingers and hoping really hard) however it seems rather staged.... after Bush, only a DIFFERENT president would be better..... as the voters OBVIOUSLY made a mistake last time with Bush!

Its a wonderful piece of Theatre, however none of them are good enough to win an oscar.... not even best performer...... I think the States needs a new Messiah.

My two cents

Daniel said...

There is only one truth? Not to most humans, Anony2.

Politically retarded, Nancy? Australia suffers that malady too but recently has had a sudden improvement.

Lucy, you're an idealist like me, but harsh facts keep getting in the way.

Let's keep the Messiah out of it, Lil. Religion in America does enough harm already.

Cheers to all.

LarryE said...

a virtual impossibility for a black person to be President in America

So the only criteria we're allowed to consider is so-called "electability?" The last time we tried that, we got John Kerry. Speaking of facing facts....

BTW, another fact: One of the reasons for Obama's appeal to Dems is that he polls well among independents and even some GOPpers, considerably better, in fact, than Clinton.

thought of yet another Bible-bashing President fills me with fear

What I said about Huckabee had nothing to do with his ability to get elected (non-existent) or even the nomination (only a tiny bit better) but only to do with the fact that the Bible-bashers are not his only source of support, which means 1)his numbers overstate the influence of said Bible-bashers and 2)in a contest against a real populist, he'd go down in flames.

Wisdom is also found in the ability to listen carefully.

Daniel said...

Listening carefully is important but to whom is more important, LarryE!

Thanks for your continuing input into this important thread. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

from Graham Bell [an Australian].

The word "cabal" to describe the publicized, propped-up candidates hit the nail right on the head.

Still, you have to work with what you've got for now [and hope that, eventually, the Americans will save themselves by having universal compulsory/mandatory permanent registration and compulsory secret voting in both the preselection/primaries phase and in the main ballot itself :D ].

The worrying thing about the Democrats is that no matter who wins the presidency itself, it will not become a presidency of all talents - with the losers in the primaries becoming the Ministers/Secretaries of the various Departments. All that great talent will not be utilized.

The really alarming thing about the formerly great Republican Party is that it has now become the rubber-stamp for the ayatollahs of Rapture and all sorts of other fanatical, potentially suicidal fake christians. Heretics throughout the history of Christianity at least had purpose and staunch belief .... but all these loonies can offer is hate, hate, more hate, hate again and the certainty of nuclear Armageddon.

Phill said...

". after Bush, only a DIFFERENT president would be better..... as the voters OBVIOUSLY made a mistake last time with Bush!"

There was an excellent doco on the history channel a couple of days ago ref the Diebold voting machines.It would appear the voters in the U.S. may not have voted for Bush as per the result.

The most interesting part of the program was,the electoral office tried to cover up the fraud once it was discovered.It would appear the American voter not only has to contend with a media that is biased but their own electoral officials.

Daniel said...

Graham, thanks for your input. That Americans might save themselves is doubtful because, after the Bush disaster, nothing has been changed, absolutely nothing!

And both parties, Republican and Democrat, are virtually run by Big Business, the Churches and the Jewish lobby.

Phill, the doubt about the voting machines just further complicates the issue. Their whole political system needs a broom put through it, I'd reckon!

P.S. And I hope Australia never becomes a Republic.

Phill said...

"P.S. And I hope Australia never becomes a Republic."

Yes as much as I dislike the "Royal Family" they do serve their purpose.

A debate for another time.

A nice thought would be the U.K. reclaim sovereign claim to the U.S. to save them from their own mad king.

Daniel said...

Now that's a novel solution, Phil! Kind of like the Boston Tea Party but with nukes? Cheers.

Granny said...

I wrote my own post about the Iowa and upcoming New Hampshire primaries today.

Iowa is a small, 92% white, conservative (including the Democrats), and evangelical state. They don't speak for the rest of the country; they just happen to be first and their importance has been blown all out of proportion by the media.

I fully expected Governor Huckabee to win Iowa just as I expected Governor Romney to lose. No surprises there. The Republicans voted their beliefs.

The Democrats are another story. Senator Obama is a young, attractive, moderate, candidate who has been rising in the ranks even before his election to the U. S. Senate. He's an accomplished public speaker and has been touted as a fresh voice.

I didn't say it in my post and I may regret saying it here but I do wonder if those Iowa Dems wanted to present a "liberal" face to the country by voting for him. Of course I may be totally off base. I can't read their hearts and minds.

Of course it could be that Iowa had a surge of young people at the Caucuses this year and were attracted by his youth.

Who knows? New Hampshire, a state full of cranky independents, will be quite different, at least on the Republican side.

I hate our system of "the tail wagging the dog" and said so in my post but we haven't had much luck trying to change it.

Daniel said...

Granny, your input (along with that of other Americans) helps those Down Under to understand, at least partially, the American political system.

I'll call over to your blog shortly and read your post! Cheers.

Granny said...

Thanks, Daniel. Our system is chaotic and slanted by the media and the corporations who, to some extent, control them.

Right now they're up in the air because Senator Clinton shed a tear while answering a question. Just yesterday they were criticizing her for not showing her feelings.

I'm scratching my head. Years ago one of our Congresswomen (Pat Schroeder of Colorado) considered making the run. Not long after she decided she didn't have the funding and backed off, weeping slightly as she did. The media pounced. It was proof, you see, that a woman could not be trusted with the affairs of state.

Daniel said...

It would seem much easier to me, Granny, to do away with the Presidency all together. Giving one person so much power is always fraught. Cheers.