Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grey Pride!

It is obvious to me that our society is on a path towards hell!

This began to occur about thirty years ago when, mysteriously, older people started to be replaced by younger people, when the average age of CEOs began to drop, first to the fifties, then to the forties. From somewhere the imperative YOUNG IS COOL - THE OLD ARE FOOLS seemed to take over. Suddenly, senior managers were being tapped on the shoulder by striplings who were still learning to shave.

Simultaneously, in families, the parents suddenly became dolts and teenage children took over the role of leadership. Perhaps this was in response to American soaps and movies that set the scene for the toppling of any senior adult as a role model. A parent went from being a venerated object to something to be mocked, laughed at, and ignored.

How did this happen, this throwing out the old and wise and the subsequent worshiping of callow youths and testosterone-estrogen maddened thirty and forty years olds? I suspect that it came about because it was recognized that the young were more gullible to advertising. It may have also been a plot by the owners of retirement villages to swell their occupancy rates by convincing all those over fifty that they were senile, of no use, and should simply get out of the way!

Well, I think it's high time for older folk to revolt, to take back what was rightfully theirs, to reverse the current order which is based upon an entirely false assumption. The young are not wise. The young do not have all the answers or indeed any answers. Most of them don't seem to know whether they're Arfah or Martha. Or both!

They are too busy binge drinking, trying out the latest drugs, experimenting with all kinds of bizarre or depraved sexual relationships and generally trying to out-cool each other by seeing how much metal they can attached to their faces. Only yesterday I read about one modern couple where the male, dressed in a coat that was current in the 1800s, led his female partner around on a leash. She said she just loved being his pet. Wonder if she was house-trained?

No, the revolution is at hand. YOUTH IS UNCOUTH - GREY IS GREAT must be the new imperative if a semblance of sanity is to be restored to our crazy world.

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Renegade Eye said...

We didn't trust anyone over 30. That was the beginning of the end.

Daniel said...

Never a truer word, Renegade! Until late in life, men's minds are dominated by their hormones.

Nancy said...

Young people are cheaper to hire and will be less likely to organize unions (though historically this was not the case.)

There is a large pool of eager young things who 'will do anything' to work in my profession. The more experienced people who are actually cheaper (since they are more productive) are ignored for the I decided to train the young things instead of banging my head on yet another glass ceiling.

And we live longer than ever before.
What use is that when no one has any use for a person who's over fifty? Do we live in the woods for the remaining 39 or so years on the planet?

Perhaps we'll have to when everything collapses at nine a.m next Thursday.

Happy Australia Day, by the way.

Lucy said...

When we are younger we all think that we know it all and it isn't until we leave higher education and university with our qualifications that we realise that it is a completely diferent world to what we have previously known.
I always believed that you can have as many qualifications as your wall can hold but their is no replacement for experience.
I am all for helping to give the starters a leg up but when it comes to a serious matter, give me someone who has been there and done it over someone who has only read about it in academic books everytime.

Lil Sparrow said...

Fascinating isn't it? (shudder)
I would be perfectly happy with a younger boss..... if I actually believed that they knew what they were doing, if they were solid, if they had an actual personality that was not made out of fast food containers and off of the shelf....

And the really sad thing .... they have no idea that they are going to be put out to pasture when they lose their edge ..... and have no idea that it is coming ..... now that is going to create a very, very, very angry generation .... of had.... never really had.... had not.....

Fear not Daniel, the greys are going to pick up the pieces again .... I think there will be a resurgance and NEED for some real authority and real experience!!!!

P.S.... they are missing a very specific art which we have copious amounts of .... REAL SELF-LESS initiative. All the best!

Lil Sparrow.

Daniel said...

Nancy, what is going to happen on Thursday? Should I put my affairs in order?

But, Lucy, those who wear mortarboards are so often insufferably arrogance. The truly wise person accepts how little they know.

Lil, humans, being easily led, have allowed the natural order that exists in the animal world to be upset, turned upside down. We are paying the price.


Coffee Messiah said...

Here in the US, back in the '70s, the Gray Panthers were a group to be reckoned with.

They're still about, but like everything else here, the media pretends there's nothing else important going on except Iraq and bush's other little messes! ; (


Daniel said...

Coffee, all the big media conglomerates should be broken up.

They have forgotten what they are supposed to be there for. Cheers.

Playful Pete said...


In all seriousness.

In your day, did your circle of colleauges & like minders really think that MAJOR change was at hand?

(at the time)