Friday, December 28, 2007

Who Or What Killed Benazir?

In Pakistan, the leader of the Opposition Party, Benazir Bhutto, has been assassinated along with others. She was shot then blown up by a suicide bomber.

Obviously there will be a great hue and cry now to try and find those responsible. People within Pakistan and without will use the event to push their own political barrow and several world leaders have already spoken out. I wonder if their strong condemnation is linked to the fear that the same could well happen to them?

I guess the more important question is not who but what killed Benazir Bhutto. After all, she is dead. Vale. The answer must surely lie within the cauldron of good and evil that is each human.

Friends, what is happening in the world today has been happening for thousands of years. History is replete with names of murdered leaders, with wars, with massacres, with torture, with slavery, with suffering, with exploitation, even of children.

The problem lies within each one of us. Because it does, we can't break the never-ending cycle of madness and greed and violence and lust.

We need to change ourselves because, let's face it, our genes are faulty.

They must be modified if we are to survive!

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Damian Zerek said...

Benazir Bhutto and Pakistan have paid the price for a quick and cheap to bring democracy.

There should of been a plan to bring back democracy rather than a rush of celebrations and rallies. I think no one had the slightest clue on what to do other than to make lots of rallies and fancy speeches!

Lucyp said...

I fear for what is going to happen in Pakistan now. On the TV i am watching the riots and the anger and in a nuclear armed nation, it is very worrying what is going to happen next.

Daniel said...

It is a worrying development, Lucy and Damian. There will be other world leaders who will seize upon it to advantage themselves while in Pakistan itself the battle for power will continue between the radical Islamists and the Military.

History shows the predictable outcome. A lot of innocent people will be killed and another paragon of evil will gain control.

We humans are a sorry lot!

Coffee Messiah said...

The contradictions spewing from our government in this area of the world is quite depressing.

That's what happens when you are uneducated and unwilling to understand others! ; (

Cheers to you and yours and let's hope next year will spring some form of renewal to the human spirit, even a little bit would be welcome!

Daniel said...

Hey, Coffee, the human spirit has, too often of late, become somewhat tarnished and cheapened and tawdry.

We need some high-power cleaner to bring back the shine! A change of mind-set would help.

Renegade Eye said...

Her party the PPP, was an alternative to Islamism and Maoism in Pakistan.

Musharraf will fall because of this. She was killed at was an equavalent to being assasinated at West Point.

I;m watching developments within the PPP. My comrades are in parliment representing the Marxist wing.

Daniel said...

Pakistan is such a divided country, Renegade, it's hard to see how democracy will ever flourish. A benevolent dictator is all that can be hoped for. Cheers.

Damian Zerek said...

Well I did have a post about this on my blog that spoke of a plan to get democracy into Pakistan. But it would require much external monitoring and pressuring. So I am not so sure that it will even work. Seems to idealistic. To easy to work.

Our world is complicated. And grows ever more complicated. And because of this our problems will never be solved.

BTW has anyone been following the American election campaign? I have no idea who is good any more and who is to be avoided.


Daniel said...

The problem relates to the conflict between our primitive nature and our technological intelligence, Damian.

I've given up on the American election. After the George Bush disaster you'd think that Americans would be making great changes to their political system but no!

Another group of Bush clones are lining up to bring even more disasters to the world.

Beat me!

Nigel Bird said...

Hi Dan, now as an atheist and psychologist, I can assume you therefore accept Darwinism and all its consequences can I not? It is highly probable that there is nothing at all wrong with the genes, they work perfectly, the strongest will survive. It would seem however that the human senses of right and wrong play no part in the genetic development of a more well adapted superior being. What a terrible shame! I wonder how the species will turn out? And bugger to the fact that according to the laws of genetic development I'll be worm bait long before any noticeable change. We could of course blame all the religious leaders and their Gods for the cock up in the design department!!
Have a very happy new year!

Damian Zerek said...

I guess you are right. The American election seems beyond hopeless.

Daniel said...

Nigel, how nice that you called! I think the genes we inherited dispose us towards violence, greed, lust, etc. Those instincts combined with our imagination and technical intelligence is what gets us into all sorts of repetitive trouble. They must be changed for us to have any chance of peace.

Damian, the American system is setup to produce a succession of Bush-like morons. Why can't they see it?

Happy New Year to you both!

GDAEman said...

Hey Daniel,

Glad to see you're still doing visual inspirations along with your writing.

Here's my take on the Bhutto assassination.

... and on that cheery note, Happy New Year!

enigma4ever said...

I dont think my comments are getting thru...hmmm, I may have to email you..can you let me know if this one made

I am so sad about this awful sad that someone brave was cut down like this...
how convenient for Mushi...

thank you for blogging it..