Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where Were The Cojones?

There is a lot of soul searching going on in what's left of the Howard Coalition but not a great deal of honesty. No one has yet posed the real question that must be answered: how did we let one conceited, narrow-minded little man lead us into electoral oblivion?

The photograph shows some of the senior Ministers who belonged to the recently rejected government. Though some of them muttered and gossiped behind the scenes over several years not one of them had the courage to either present themselves as a new leader and challenge John Howard or were willing to tap him on the shoulder and tell him firmly, as the day before yesterday's man, he had to go.

After the heavy loss, some of them further demonstrated their bravery and conviction by refusing to nominate for leadership positions while others are expected to resign from parliament during the next term forcing their party into by-elections during which the Coalition will be punished even further.

The great irony is that these same men and women, who failed both their party and themselves, are now trying to form an effective Opposition. But how can you make a party that has any substance out of a group of spineless cowards who are demonstrable failures?

There are interesting times ahead in Australian politics!

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Renegade Eye said...

Howard couldn't have acted alone to influence government for so many years.

Daniel said...

I think you underestimate him, Renegade. He was, quite clearly, a despot! Cheers.

Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Renegade & Daniel,

I agree that Howard couldn't have acted alone; the Libs were welded onto his bum, as were to be expected lots'a industry 'heavyweights' - but perhaps worst, quite a majority in the (venal!) MSM, including (sadly, shame!) lots in the AusBC (think: breakfast bag) and SBS.

But y'gotta smile, and following on from my theAge NHJ post, this from Chris Henning in the SMH.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the link, Phil. Brought a few chuckles. If the Liberal Party doesn't do some honest soul-searching and accord blame right across the board they'll be in the wilderness for at least a decade (not that I mind of course). Cheers.

Mary Walsh said...

The fact they've elected Brenden Nelson for their new Opposition Leader and not Malcolm Turnbull, shows even after the event, they've learned nothing.

I think the MT camp will prevail if the Liberals are to be seen as moving into the twenty first century....

That recent photo of Howard dragging his lovely wife, Jeanine, into the Party faithful public meeting looking quite sheepish told a thousand words about "accepting responsibility for the defeat"...trying to influence the Liberal Party to "stick together" regardless of the deadwood attaching itself to the machine.

Daniel said...

Most of the deadwood were compliant Howard appointees, Mary! He stacked the deck to ensure his own ambitions were fulfilled. However, it didn't quite end as he planned!