Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Human Condition!

"We may have destroyed the world but, God, we had it all, didn't we, Lovey?"

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Morgana said...

We had nothing.
And when materialism is gone and some live on.
They will have nothing.

Until..... They open their hearts, souls and learn the spirit in life and death.....beyond the way of life thats become accustomed to humans.

I hope you don't mind me commenting here still. I will keep it simple and to the point.

Zoe/ Morgana.

Daniel said...

Mind! Why would I mind? My ailing blog is crying out for your happy contributions. The whole world is waiting for your blog to splutter back into life, to lift us up, take us to other planes of spiritual experience, to walk with stars.

Great to hear from you, Zoe. Love and Hugs. XXXXXXXXXXXX

Gadfly said...

Greed . I want mine, Jack. Got it and to hell with the future. After the greedy-guts are gone, they don't care about the future. of the world, the children, anything. Just so they have theirs while they're here.

Daniel said...

This is a brilliant representation of that which seems to drive most of our world: GREED!

Of course, those who have it all are a small minority while the rest of us pay. Cheers.