Thursday, December 20, 2007

Festive Season - For Some!

Well, Xmas is almost upon us and many in the Christian world are gearing up for warm family celebrations and present-giving and over-eating.

Of course, in the Muslim world, the Hindu world, the Buddhist world and the Jewish world Xmas is largely a non-event. They march to different theological drums. And to atheists it represents little more than another attempt by capitalist Robber Barons (along with Father's and Mother's Days) to push people to spend money they don't have to buy things for family and friends that they don't need.

Sadly, for many in the world, just to find something to eat on the days before, during and after Xmas will be the main objective. For others, to avoid being shot or bombed or raped or mutilated will concentrate their minds.

Truly the world is filled with amazing diversity given that we are all human beings who, in a physical sense, are all sharing exactly the same mortal life cycle.

Spare a thought this Xmas for those who aren't as lucky as you! Better still, why not buy less presents, food and grog and send the money to a worthwhile world charity?

Happy Festive Season!

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Damian Zerek said...

Charity is not satisfying for me. The money goes somewhere but greedy governments steal it from the people. Unless they are building a clean well, a school, or houses and hospital then yes I would whole heartedly support them but still deep down it is an excuse to try and fill the gap with money. I would personally travel to that country spend time with the people and help them out while giving them money or buying food.

Just a thought to go out and become active in changing the world.

Daniel said...

I agree, Damian, that, sadly, too often the money that is donated doesn't get to those who need it!

Your thought about going to the place is a better one and encapsulates the true spirit of Xmas. Cheers.

Coffee Messiah said...

While in SF, there was a Catholic Church in the Tenderloin District, that used to let the Homeless sleep in the Church. We had gone there a few times to help give out food and clothes.

Ironic thing was, the Congregation didn't like the fact this was being done, the church being used as a Shelter.

It never stopped, but was the only church I knew of, other than one other Catholic Church in the North Beach area across from the Caffe Trieste. That church leader let the homeless sleep on the stairs, inside their boxes etc. That congregation didn't say too much.

On my way to work I'd stop at the Trieste and someone would gently wake these people around 6:30am and then give them something to be on their way.

You don't hear this scenario much but I always found it ironic that a fuss was ever made.

We're on the same wavelength to be sure.

Cheers for those who acknowledge others less fortunate all through the year!

Coffee Messiah said...

PS: Are you anywhere near the earthquake fallout and if so, hope all is well!

Daniel said...

Coffee, your good works do not come as any surprise. No, I'm not living anywhere near an earthquake zone so the earth doesn't move for me all that often! Damn!

Peace, my friend.

Mary Walsh said...

I am more cynical than you Daniel, when i feel my money goes to food and clothing and not weapons, I will give!

But until then, I donate nothing to the third world independently of what my Government does.

I don't feel bad about that because my money could fund a bullet that kills the child just more quickly than starving. Every time I watch documentaries (my husband loves them) I cringe with anger and frustration at how evil man is to man, but I can't go to Africa and stop the bullets. I can however not pay for them with donations!

Daniel said...

It's sad, Mary, that where ever money is, human vultures will gather. Surely those who would take money donated for starving people and use it for war and killing are despicable but no more so than those who make the weapons (America the largest by far)!