Monday, December 10, 2007

The Reign Of King John Is Over!

As you know, John Howard brilliantly led his party into electoral oblivion on the 24th November, more than two weeks ago. The new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, and his Cabinet were sworn in over a week ago!

One of the main reasons that Howard's party was thrown out on its ear and he lost his own seat as well was because of his Work Choices legislation which effectively gave employers a disproportionate amount of power over their workers. This resulted in a massive loss of workers wages and conditions right across the country and caused a huge amount of hardship, evictions, etc.

Yet the same man who was the architect of this monumental travesty of justice, though unemployed, stayed in the taxpayer owned Kirribilli House, a mansion which sits on acres of land right on Sydney Harbour and has oodles of gardeners and butlers and chefs and security staff, etc, until yesterday. That's two and a half weeks!

I reckon Howard should be sent a bill for the last week of his stay, one which charges say $20,000 per night for his glorious accommodation, the best in Australia. What do you think?

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Roverstar said...

Excep that until the writs have been reurned he still serves in the role the GG appointed him to. You may love the fact that he lost the election and you may hate the fact that he stayed in Kirribilli as is his right but he has not broken any laws nor corrupted any process.

Deal with it, Daniel.

Daniel said...

Your support for John brought a tear to my eye, Roverstar. There can't be too many people like you left but please don't lose heart!


Nancy said...

Australian friends told me that Mr. Howard wanted to bring Australia onto the world stage.

Mr. Rudd, by approving the Kyoto accords and removing Australian troops from Iraq, has done this in his first week in office.

Mr. Rudd also stated that Mr. Howard could stay in Kirribilli House as long as he needed to. It takes a while to move out after one has lived in one place for eleven years.

Mr. Rudd is showing graciousness toward his opponent, a sort of civility that is nearly extinct in politics today. Congratulations, Australians, on your excellent choice of Prime Minister. I wish we Americans could say we have a similarly proactive, polite, and effective Administration after our next election.

Daniel said...

Nancy, John Howard did bring Australia onto the world stage but for all the wrong reasons! His toadying to Bush and his promoting of American imperialism was a disgrace.

If I had been Howard and had been so convincingly rejected by the electorate I wouldn't have stayed in the official residence of the Prime Minister for one second longer than was necessary. But that's just me!

I too hope that your elections achieve a similar result. But having a Presidential Branch of Government ensures that you can't.

Looking at all the Presidential candidates, all falling over themselves to get elected, I can't help but wonder: which one will be the dangerous fruitcake this time?


Worried American said...

I am happy for you and your peers, Daniel. I can only hope (even if the hope is fruitless) that we may have a good outcome in our coming election. The roster of candidates are not conducive to strong hopes, however.

Lang Mack said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong however, I don't think that Kirribilli is the Official residence of the Australian P.M., that is the Lodge in Canberra, it may be a drop in center for visits to Sydney , so,please correct me, show me where Kirribilli has been gazetted as the tax payer funded official residence ( and being abused as a Liberal Party fund raiser residence) for an Australian P.M.. , at the same time as the Lodge is in Canberra. That being the case, is there one in each State and Territory, my, Hyancinth would be chuffed. It's Howard hubris, and the people voted this lot to the shambles they are now. Do some history and get over your bias and accept the damage this fellow has done for ego.You should be skulking in the shadows, then again, you lot always were.

Daniel said...

Looking at the candidates, Worried, I am worried that you're going to get a booby prize again!

Lang Mack, people who thought Howard was worthy live in another world, one I don't want any part of. Sorry about the disappearing post!


Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Daniel,

in case you missed it, there is an extraordinary article by Glenn Milne in theAus called "'Tired' PM neutered cabinet" which contains this from Lord Downer of Baghdad: "You want to hear how we f...ed up."

Here's a bit more:

«ALEXANDER Downer has confirmed in startling fashion what voters instinctively knew on November 24; that after almost 12 years John Howard had run out of both energy and ideas. And what's more, his senior ministers knew it.

But what will outrage those who believed the government might have survived under a Peter Costello prime ministership is that Howard also knew that he was running on empty, but decided to stay on anyway, wilfully consigning the Coalition to what could be a decade in the political wilderness.»

Howard was going down and he knew it, as did the rest of his rotters. But they went on as if they had a chance. Fat chance, but isn't that deception of the abso-bloody-lutely highest order? Bordering on treason? What of the poor old precocious sycophants like HH/DD? Howard let such types make *utter* fools of themselves...

Daniel said...

I did see the article but thanks for the reminder. The thing that intrigues me, Phil, is that no one in the Liberal Party was game to push the talentless, narrow-minded little despot off his throne.

It clearly demonstrates their total lack of cojones to say nothing about their lack of concern for our country! It would seem to verge on treason.


Friedham I. Whont said...

treason and traitors, agenda monkeys;

 Subtitle: hypocritical liars, anything else?


G'day again Daniel,

I see the URL title of your piece differs from your headline; let's talk about hypocrisy[1]. 'Say one thing and do another' would be an accurate paraphrasing of hypocrisy vis-à-vis Howard&Co, 'How does he get away with it?' Latham's plaintive cry; your suggestion involves a lack of education in the sheople® and although I tend to agree, I'd say it's worse than that.

I only started to hear "All politicians lie!" after it became obvious that Howard was, still is and will be known for evermore as an inveterate liar, but despite being *known* to be such a filthy liar, he was multiply re-elected; why that? The sheople were convinced, via but not only, with an active assist from the (venal!) MSM, that under Howard, they never had it so good(?!)

But instead of an honest polity whereby our so-called leaders worked openly to improve our lot (or at least trying do the least damage), we had Howard&Co lying, threatening and fear (terror! War!) mongering. Work (Chump! - No) Choices might'a been the final straw, but the rot truly was endemic.

Even so it all worked for a while, but only so long as the sheople went along; we thank our lucky stars that - however briefly - the sheople woke up.

A properly functioning democracy requires at least these attributes, a) an involved and aware electorate, b) a fair and varied choice of honest(!) candidates, and c) a full and fair reporting of the situation. This last requires an honest(!) MSM; that we just don't have. There is a vile nest of traitors, right there in our (venal!) MSM. Worst of course are the public broadcasters AusBC and SBS, that they retail some'a the same lies as the 'private' MSM is a true scandal: SHAME!



[1] hypocrisy n. (pl. -ies) 1 false claim to virtue; insincerity, pretence. 2 instance of this. [Greek, = acting, feigning] [POD]

hypocrite n. person given to hypocrisy.  hypocritical adj. hypocritically adv. [ibid.]

[Cross posted]

Daniel said...

I had to pull a post, Phil, because of some dodgey information via Crikey. I subsequently reworked and reposted it as King John but the first title was retained by the 'recent comments' site for some reason.

Great to see you venturing out and leaving comments. That's the way to become known as well as build a group of mature commenters for your own site.


Friedham I. Whont said...

G'day Daniel,

I'm on the laptop, so I don't have my full 'tool-kit' available, but we bravely soldier on... (Ooops! wrong metaphor for an anti-war Gand.)

Guess who said this:

She explains her resolve on rejecting offers of help from Howard haters including the protest movement dubbed 'Not Happy John', because "they were useless to us" in winning the votes of people who had voted for Howard in 1998, 2001 and 2004.

Find out here.

Daniel said...

Phil, it required very fine judgment for Maxine to win Bennelong. The result speaks for itself.

The bigger they are the harder they fall! Yeah!