Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hope Burns Brightly Again!

Australia has voted.

Evil has been defeated.

The candle of hope has been relit.

Together, let's cup our hands around it!

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annie said...

That was surprisingly good news!

Daniel said...

Democracy can work, Annie. But it's more a matter of luck than anything else! Cheers.

Davo said...

"luck" had very little to do with it. Methinks Our Kevvie has probably been planning this since he was old enough to think rationally.

On the subject of "hope", however, it's always beneficial to think on this image. Created by the weird and wonderful Andre Jordan .. and nah, 'tis not an "ad" nor spam.

Never let go of "hope".

betmo said...

i suppose hope is all we do have at this point. good for you aussies- i wish i could say with any optimism that things will change here- i just don't have any. good luck! perhaps your little island in the sea can start a chain reaction around the world. fingers crossed.

Granny said...

I just saw the news and came right over to congratulate your country.

Now if we can only follow!!

Daniel said...

Hey, Davo, the people finally got it right! Thank Heavens.

Betmo and Granny, thanks for your congrats. I feel like a different person this morning. In America, you'd have felt better after your last election if you didn't have to deal with a Presidential branch of Government.

For that reason, I hope Australia never becomes a Republic!


MarcLord said...

Congratulations to you and your country, Daniel. Thank you, and may Oz serve as an egalitarian inspiration.

Here in the US, I haven't felt the same since 9/12, when that sinking feeling hit that we'd been had. Amazing as it is, not enough people have been roused from the spell yet.

So you truly bring good cheer. Enjoy!

MarcLord said...

"I feel like a different person this morning."

I'll bet!

Congratulations, Daniel, and my heartfelt thanks, too. Oz may again serve as an egalitarian inspiration.

The old me hasn't been around much since waking up on 9/12 with the sinking feeling we'd been had. The new me is ok, but it would be so nice to feel proud of my country again! Enjoy, and thank you and your country-mates for bringing good cheer.

Daniel said...

Thanks, Marc. Hopefully, if America survives the period until Bush is, leaves office, hopefully your Constitution can be changed so that Village Idiots can no longer become President!

MarcLord said...


In all seriousness, there should be a Constitutional amendment stating that sons, daughters, and spouses of Presidents cannot run for President. Enough of this American Caesar, let's -kill-off-the-Kennedys bullshit. If we ever get this asylum under control again, I will personally campaign for the Amendment. Right now, however, it's "off the table."

Daniel said...

Yeah, political dynasties and dinosaurs should both be extinct, Marc! Cheers.

Gadfly said...

Congratulations to you and all your folks. I hope we'll be as lucky in our next election.

Monica Thatcher said...

Hi Dan
Guess you must be pleased then! How are you? I've been away for a while and come back to find the Utopian movement has 'Gone Underground'. Well over here in deepest Hampshire where It's rumoured that people still eat their young, I too have been up to clandestine activites preparing the ground for change. Like distilling my own Calvados, remarkably good and an excellent distorter of time! So now that i'm back on line, if you email me your address I'll send a sample for Christmas. Thats of course if a die hard agnostic does actually celebrate Christmas! If not, what the hell you can have some anyway. Sorry, Cant have hell either can we...

Daniel said...

Hey, Monica, it's great to see you back in action again! You've been missed.

Yes, I am pleased with the election outcome. It's given me a little more faith in my fellows.

The Calvados suggests you are, like me, a believer in OMAR KHAYYAM. The reality of life among humans does need distorting sometimes!

The timing of a Utopian movement was not right. Currently, people are too consumed by materialism, greed and themselves. If the world falls on hard times that might be a better time.