Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Answer For Our World!

Friends, I've stumbled upon the answer for our conflicted, dying world.

We should all permanently dress up as clowns: men, women and children! If that happened then no one would or could take themselves or anyone else seriously.

Imagine Gordon Brown or George Bush or John Howard or Putin dressed as per the photograph as they announced yet another invasion or false promise. People would fall about laughing.

Imagine the military dressed similarly: all the steel-jawed generals and admirals and marines. And what about pretentious Bishops and Popes and the Wall Street Bankers and Media Moguls and Judges and University Professors...? What a hoot!

Besides, a clown outfit would better symbolize the human condition.

Photo Link.

4/11/2007: Seeking Utopia has been off the air for almost a week and for that I apologize. I had a few important decisions to make.

On a very tentative trial basis I'll again venture into the blogging world but with a new goal: that of laughing at the world rather than attempting the impossible, wearying task of trying to change it!


Damian Lataan said...

Good to see you back Daniel, but what happened?

You castiged me for not visiting here occasionally but the reality was for some reason I couldn't get past your verification firewall. I hope this gets through and we can resume as per norm!

Damian Lataan

Daniel said...

My last few posts dealt with what happened, Damian.

Thanks for calling by.

P.S. Castigated is a tad strong, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

My dearest.

It is with luck that some of us are here at all as I almost steared my car in the direction of deliberate harm tonight.
I am off to delete my own blog, I hope you still have my email address!
What happenend to our taurean fire I ask myself sometimes?
When all we see is shit everywhere!

Love you.
Zoe XXX ;~)

bluegrrrrl said...

Now this is one of the best world-changing strategies I have heard in a long time, Daniel...

Maybe I'll dress as a clown when I go to teach my next class...that's one way to see if they're paying attention...

Daniel said...

Hey, Neo, hang in there now! I don't know if I have your email address because I changed computers.

We need to see ourselves as we really are, Bluegrrrl, take a daily reality check!

Love to you both! XXXXXXXXXX

MarcLord said...

That clown looks a lot like...David Letterman (the US TV late night host).

Keep on laughing, Daniel.

Daniel said...

It sure beats crying, Marc!

Nancy said...

Some of us laugh to keep from screaming.

The shite is hitting the fan in the USA right now. Not that we don't deserve it, richly.
I just hoped to be out of it before it happened.
Better keep laughing while we can.