Friday, September 21, 2007

Paper Boats!

This is a far better image!

I am disturbed by paper boats, the image of carefree kids carefully folding a sheet of paper, making sharp creases, folding the emerging object this way then that to eventually make a thing that is so laughable, so clumsy, so fragile, so useless, so destined for failure.

A paper boat will never serve its intended purpose, will never survive the elements, the roguish storms that life brings, will never return to the safety of any harbor;

Instead it will gradually absorb water then slowly, inevitably sink into cold, darkening, silent depths;

Down, down it will go, unwanted, ugly, relentlessly disintegrating until nothing is left, nothing.

Children and paper boats, the creators and the created,

Ultimately sharing the same destiny.


Monica Thatcher said...

Never losing the childs sense of wonder and discovery and retaining a wild sense of humour is in my humble opinion the best way to prevent the Man with the sickle giving you an early bath.

Daniel said...

I still have a sense of wonder, Monica. I wonder what the bloody hell it's all about!


Nancy said...

They are temporary, like sandcastles, like life.