Thursday, September 27, 2007

On Their Way To The U.N.

Friends, when I saw this frightening image the first thought that came into my mind was: here are some world leaders on their way to the U.N. to make speeches.

Of course, the people who attend the actual event will be transported in jets and will be dressed in expensive suits or dresses, will sport expensive aftershaves and perfumes and be adorned with gold watches and necklaces, will talk in sophisticated, flowery terms about things like peace and democracy and human rights and God and self-righteously accuse other leaders of terrible wrongs and evil.

But beneath the carefully cultivated facades, the reality of what some of the leaders are is mirrored in the savagery contained in the frightening image of Neanderthal men on the warpath.

These leaders, and we all know who they are, will attend the conference with their deceptive speeches carefully prepared while their minds are occupied with: further manipulating the floundering U.N. for their own ends; stimulating their economies by increasing armament manufacture and sales; creating wars which give them control over land and scarce resources belonging to others; forging alliances which assist their own strategic military and economic goals; and further consolidating their own political power at home. Hypocrisy and double-talk reigns supreme at the U.N.!

What a tragedy for the world that so many Neanderthal leaders still exist, still control the fate of our world.

Is human evolution caught in a time warp?

Image Link.

P.S. Which of the front three is George Bush? Or is he bringing up the rear with John Howard?


Monica Thatcher said...

Not so sure about a time warp more of an exit strategy. Especially when you consider the Neanderthals success. Neanderthals apparently managed well in challenging climates for more than 200,000 years, longer than the 140,000 odd years modern man has been around. My guess is that we wont be as successful!

Daniel said...

Depends how you measure success, Monica! Neanderthals couldn't blow up the planet like we can or create global warming. Cheers.

Monica Thatcher said...

Precisely,they were much more successful at looking after the planet than we appear to be.Shame they handed it over to a bunch of muppets,the one blot on their CV. Damn those Neanderthals!

pissed off patricia said...

Bush is the one in the back who appears to be heading the wrong way and amazingly to the right.

Playful Pete said...

Nice image you got there Daniel!

I reckon it's a composite of all the leaders. But Ahmadinejad included for sure.

No, wait, I reckon it's a composite of the leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), that club of despicable despotic dictators who oppress their own citizens and rule with an iron fist, weighty club and dark, danky cells.

In a sign of pure bastadry, they then shuffle along to the UN General Assembly and demand the right to an equal vote at this forum, while conveniently denying this very right to their own populace.

What makes these thugs think they're so much better than any other of their own countrymen?

They're animals, and suitably illustrated in this image.

On that note, what were you doing on such a Right-wing site such as Free Republic so as to source this photo Daniel!

Lucyp said...

I would like to nominate the leaders of China, India & Russia for Neanderthal status for refusing to sign up to the UN condemnation of Burma in the United Nations today.
Can't allow something like killing demonstrators to upset the profit margin can we.

Daniel said...

Monica, they were probably too busy killing each other to worry about the future!

Patricia, given his war service record, Bush is probably back about five thousand miles!

Pete, I found the image on Goggle Images. Where it originated is of no importance to me! Bye the way, what happened to that list of great Israeli achievements that are worthy of featuring on my blog?

Lucy, that was indeed a poor show but the same leaders have, on occasion, refused to endorse aggressive American imperialism.

Cheers to all.

Renegade Eye said...

Bush forgot to mention at his UN speech Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or the ghost of Pinochet.

Coffee Messiah said...

Wrong way bush, ain't that the truth.

If it makes sense, don't do it! ; (
"childrens do learn?!"

Aaahhh, the "Ghost Of Christmas Past" is sure to pay a nice visit soon! ; )

Daniel said...

Hey, Renegade, he didn't mention Vietnam and the carpet bombing either!

Coffee, sense and George are mutually exclusive!


Playful Pete said...


Regarding....."by the way, what happened to that list of great Israeli achievements that are worthy of featuring on my blog?"

What do you mean here? Is this from a previous post? Which list were you requesting?