Monday, September 24, 2007

Holocausts: A Dime A Dozen!

"A Lucky Iraq Holocaust Survivor!"

Friends, my dictionary defines a holocaust as: great destruction or loss of life. Over the last fifty years the number of well-documented holocausts in the world has been staggering.

Let me list some of the major Holocausts that have taken place in my lifetime: who can forget the Vietnam War and the massive carpet bombing where unknown numbers died; what about Uganda with the butcher Idi Amin? Then there was Cambodia with Pol Pot where two million are said to have died and Yugoslavia with Milosovic where mass graves are still being uncovered.

Currently we have Darfur in Sudan where competing, hate-filled racial tribes and militias chop off limbs and rape women and girls for fun. Then there's Iraq and Afghanistan with those Christians Bush and Howard where the casualties (said to be over a million) are largely unknown and, because of depleted uranium, are likely to be much greater.

Let us not forget the Palestinian Territories under the tender care of the Israelis where a calculated, grinding genocide has been going on for forty years. And, of course, a multitude of smaller holocausts have not occupied the headline-seeking MSM! They have passed largely unnoticed but if you add up the combined casualties they would be staggering!

Iran it seems sits on the top of the Potential Holocaust List. Could it provide the next excitement on our television screens or will it be Korea or Syria? Or all three? With nukes, the sky is the limit, the destruction and horror infinite!

Yes, folks, roll up, roll up. The odds are that, humans being what they are, there will be yet another holocaust appearing near you in the not too distant future whether you want it or not!

They're a dime a dozen!


navyswan said...

A dime a dozen indeed.

Lucyp said...

Shamefully true, a dime a dozen.

Daniel said...

That we have created a world that does such terrible things to innocent children is an indictment of us all! Thanks for calling by.

Octavian said...

These are the pictures we don't get to see very often when they talk about the success in Iraq. If people who support the war had to see them, I wonder how they would live with themselves?

Daniel said...

Octavian, every time I look at the tragic photograph of the poor Iraqi boy, I feel like crying, like giving up on the human race completely.

There is so much hate in the world, so much greed, so much violence. At times it fills me with despair!

navyswan said...

I've seen much worse photographs. Ones that make your stomach turn, your heart ache, and your mind shut down. This is a relatively mild representation of the human despair we have caused. Sometimes I can't take it.

I have been forever changed with some of these images. When the images of Abu Ghraib first surfaced, I forced myself to go through all 20 or so pictures that Salon had up. I got to the ones where soldiers were torturing a mentally ill prisoner, and I just broke down. Out of nowhere, I started wailing. I cried and cried like I never have before.

I still have not recovered. I lost some of my innocence and youth that day. How anyone can see these photographs of the carnage we have unleashed on the Iraqi people and still support this illegal, immoral occupation is beyond me. I have trouble sleeping most nights. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't had a good night's sleep in months.

Daniel said...

I feel your pain, Navyswan. In the past I have posted such photographs. They created a huge outcry but I didn't care!

My blog tries to present the truth. I'm not trying to win a popularity competition or entertain the sheeple.


Playful Pete said...

I must agree with much of this, and add in the plight of Palestinian children as well.

This recent video clip from the Territories will bring out the most inner feelings of frustration:

(copy and paste link into new browser)

Not even 2 year olds are safe.

Daniel said...

A people under brutal, grinding occupation for forty years must resort to desperate measures, Pete.

You wouldn't know anything about such things because its not happening to you! Walk in someone else's shoes for once in your miserable, one-eyed life!