Saturday, September 15, 2007

Help Us Change The World!

"A world without conflict, a world without hunger, without pollution, without terror. A world organised for the world, not for one country, but for all of humanity. The Global communication network has made this possible. The ball has already started to roll, it's just that it is a very big ball and we need lots of hands on it to get it going round quicker.

Come on join us... otherwise you'll just be another grumpy old person who knew how it should have been done....... but just turned into worm food .... don't do that, help us make it how it should be or at least make it how it should be for your children... but please don't do nothing, that is the worst thing of all."

Friends, these stirring words from Monica (checkout Change The World in Special Links for the full article) hopefully will inspire you to join us.

If enough people want it enough we can make the world a better place. There is joining information in my sidebar and two large posts about the WORLD UTOPIAN MOVEMENT in my September posts.

Let's get going!

P.S. Good luck to the American Protest Marchers. Hope there are millions of you!


enigma4ever said...

well there were not one million....but there were 100,000 about...

Daniel said...

It must be shattering, Enigma, given the population of America is 300 million. Obviously fear played a part just as it did at our APEC protests.

When the people are frightened of their Government then a parlous state of affairs exists. Cheers.