Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Dear Friends, it's time to put on your thinking cap and come up with a serious answer to the above question.

Now I know what the answer is and I'm sure, when you think about it, you do to. So don't be timid, step up to the plate and give us your very best shot, show to the world that the Seeking Utopia Team is A1, a fraternity of great minds! Who will be the first to make the right call?

Alas I can offer no fabulous monetary prize or a trip into outer space for two! Capitalism has not been kind to me, a rebel to its amoral cause. All you will have is worldwide notoriety, the acclamation of your peers, multitudes of them.

Of course, if you're offered product endorsements, movie roles, speaking engagements, I'll accept 10% if you offer it!

It's the very least I can do.


Monica, tonight, has guessed my second choice! It's MUSIC.

Surely nothing has been a greater achievement in the annals of the mediocrity that is human history than the discovery of, then the gradual sophisticated refinement of music. Few people are untouched by music. It is a vital part of their growing up. I can measure and delineate my life in pop songs while the great classics still stir me immensely.

Now to my first choice. Although Lang Mack put his suggestion on my latest post instead of this one I'm still going to give him the nod for his suggestion of 'BOOZE'!

Friends, where would humans be without WINE and other alcoholic drinks! Down through the ages it has brought solace to millions, has made feasting worthwhile, over-indulgence in it has helped to blot out the grim reality of our lives for a few hours (and created a few headaches and for some, behavioural problems). It has lubricated human communication, made chilly nights warmers, has released inhibitions, has changed minds. Music and wine are perfect companions. Where would we be without them?

Thanks to all those who participated. I'm proud of all of you! And special congratulations to the winners. Yeah!

How do you like my two choices? Do you disagree with them? Why?


pissed off patricia said...

Probably some sort of medicine. Penicillin comes to mind.

And then there is fire. Man didn't make it but his learning how to use it was a pretty big deal.

Daniel said...

Great try, Pat, but glory will not descend upon you yet. But then you have already fashioned your own glory. Cheers!

Lucyp said...

If fire is out i would have to go for the wheel.

Daniel said...

Wheely, Lucy! I grant you it was a great discovery and it seems that mankind has been going around in circles ever since.


Nancy said...

The British were asked that question according to the BBC and voted the bicycle as number one, electricity second.

I'd have to vote for usable electricity. It makes so many other things possible.

VictorM said...

I would have said fire first, the wheel second.

Is the "right answer" based on your own personal opinion or is it based on some group?

Daniel said...

Nancy, it's amazing how the human mind works. The bicycle for Britain eh? How very odd! I'd have put that last!

Victor, I guess that humans did not discover fire as Pat pointed out takes care of that guess and I have already rolled the wheel. Thanks for trying!

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure it's been 'discovered' yet, Dan.
But since we have to choose I will say that the greatest discovery would be a philosophical one.

....That we will not stop destroying the planet and eachother until we put down our weapons and learn to get along.... abolishing currency from our system would be a good start to the process.

If someone 'discovered' that.....We may all have a future.

Anonymous said...

If I had to say a 'thing' it would be fusion or something at a cellular level. Say....Bioelectric impulse across sinapses or something???

Daniel said...

Your thought about a philosophical discovery that might enable humans to live in peace would indeed be fantastic, Neo! Problem is the philosophical is not for most people!

And the second answer, while a good one, is sadly not correct (at least as I see it). XXXXXXXXXXXX

Mary Walsh said...

God how creative everyone sounds...To me it looked like a text book picture of a group of cells explaining cancer but then I suppose that's the unfortunate way my mind works....

Perhaps it's a work of Art recently purchased at a cost of millions to the taxpayer!

I admit defeat...no prize from the teacher this week!

Dylan said...

The picture is (I think) a representation of the vitamin B12.

See here.

I am not sure that this is mankind's greatest discovery though - perhaps it was just used to illustrate the question?

Daniel said...

The photograph does not in anyway represent the answer, Mary, although it is interesting! Cheers.

Lang Mack said...

(As it's Mankinds etc;) that a look from you wife can mean a thousand words, and it will happen :) )

Anonymous said...

Genetic DNA sequencing. Although perposterously stupid! Considering the atlternatives ......

Anonymous said...

ok ...I'm done with being a round peg. Whats the difference between BENEFIT and DETRIMENT of the 'human greatest discovery', Dan?
I already named the benefit facor so that leaves the other 'take' on the world.

It's gotta be sick and twisted and leave only humans with the upper edge of control, supreamacy, fear and doubt, so....here goes. Get out your sick and twisted side people. The list was developed by people after all.

Splitting the atom? Cloning DNA sequence? Sexual cellular fertalization(without ppl)?

Hmmmm...Just had something tell me "gravity".....
Dunno!, Luv ya dan

Anonymous said...

Or that the world is round?

Robin said...

Well, Daniel, I am awaiting the "answer".

My contribution: That we are all connected, which has become an evolving discovery.

In past times, we viewed ourselves as unique, we against the "other"

At warp speed with the advent of industrial age, and now especially the technological age, we learn that while our differences appear to outweigh our similarities, in fact, our similarities outweigh our differences.

Mankind did not "develop" independently of eachother, but rather as a step by step evolving, sometimes parallel, some times not.

In the end, we all need to realize we are in this life together, whether or NOT one thinks it is a moral world, the fact remains, the human race DOES share the fact we are ALL humans, differences or not.

That was my contribution, we are all "one" whether we like it or not

Daniel said...

Dylan, your supposition is correct. The photograph and the answer are not related!

LangMack, that's a very original thought! Great lateral thinking.

Neo, your scientific background is evident but the answer eludes you! Hugs XXXXXXX

Robin, thanks for your carefully considered suggestion. If only humans could adopt your 'we're all one' concept peace might have a chance.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I think that I'm going to go with the neo-con answer and say: "Fuel that spurts from the ground." But if that's out then it would have to be Spam.

MarcLord said...

Mankind's greatest discovery is self-awareness. All others followed it.

Daniel said...

Kvatch, spam and oil are similar in some respects I reckon!

Marc, good try but I think that self-awareness has gone too far and is now conceit!


Anonymous said...

Flight or space travel?

Daniel said...

Certainly the advent of flight has been an important discovery, Neo. We can now nuke anyone anywhere in the world!

My, what a range of thoughts we've had: bicycles, medicines, wheels, electricity, philosophy, democracy, cloning, cloning, etc, all great suggestions. But not yet the answer I'd hoped to get.

Actually, after deep reflection, I now have two answers that rate about equally. Who'll be first to get one of them!

Worried American said...

I would have to say "the language of the Universe - Mathematics". Every advance made since then, including much philosophy, has had a mathematical basis. Unfortunately, mankind has all too often built on that base in a negative direction.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that you said "discovery" and not "invention". Had it been the latter, I would have said... "God," without question our greatest invention--though not in a good way (at least IMHO).

As to the former, got me?

Lucyp said...

Hmm... our greatest discovery and all the usual suspects have been mentioned and dismissed.
My next try is going to be the printing press.

Daniel said...

Worried, thanks for the try but sorry!

Interesting observation, Kvatch and very astute! Frogs are very perceptive.

Lucy, I'm sure you're a good looking number but maths isn't correct.

Look, I'll give a little hint. Both of the discoveries have made the lives of many humans more tolerable over millenia!

DetainThis said...

David Gilmour & Pink Floyd wrote a song called Keep Talking.

The ability to communicate is huge, because within it lies the ability to settle disputes without violence, or lingering feelings of mistrust, jealousy, hatred, etc.

Person-to-person communication allows us to transfer ideas that we may pass on advancements in technology and self-preservation, as well as other forms of learned enlightenment to the next generation more easily and discernibly.

Other than that, oral hygene and taking a dump where it won't stink up the house are a couple other good discoveries lol.

How the heck'r ya doin', Daniel?

Anonymous said...

Self- awareness?

Monica Thatcher said...

You tricky man, Two? Given your clues, Ill have a shot at Music and Happiness. Finding true happiness I guess would be ones greatest dicovery.
with love

Daniel said...

Congratulations, Monica! Music was my second choice, one that I thought nearly as important as the first though some might argue (sorry, the judge's decision is final).

Music soothes the savage beast AND is something that lifts mankind above its normal mediocrity. How could we get through life without music, without the classics, without the Beach Boys and the Mammas and Pappas I ask you!

Zoe, it's not self-awareness although I know this is important in your life currently! XXXXXXX

Monica Thatcher said...

Woohoo, I've got Five gallons of plum wine on the go and it looks like a bumper crop of apples, so the cider barrel's going to need upgrading.

"cant see what all the fuss is about" said the deaf teetotaler;)

With love Monica.

Lucyp said...

maths? I said the printing press!!!!

Daniel said...

Detain This, I'm doing alright though I'm flat out like a lizard drinking.

Lucy, my apologies. Perhaps I'd drink too much red wine! The printing press is a very good suggestion and is an invention that has changed our world (but whether entirely for the better could be argued).

Monica, that plum wine sounds good!

Janders said...

Lucy, I suggest more specificity, ie., movable type being the key, not merely the printing press.

Lang Mack said...

And I swear I wasn't imbibing or smoking , well a glass of red, when I put the answer on the wrong thread :).That was good fun Daniel, get that brain to work, need more like this, so we all think..

Lucyp said...

Mankinds greatest discovery is booze? I will have to disagree with you totally on that.

Daniel said...

Lucy, that is your right of course! If you read the Ruba'iyat of Oman Khayyam you may change your mind! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

The answer is the ability to think and create ideas.
Our relisation of self had lots do do with that discovery.

Daniel said...

Hey, Neo, the ability to think and to create ideas, if measured against the conflicted, crazy world we live in, would not appear to be our strong suit whether discovered or not!

I feel that music and wine, though not given much recognition, have made life much more tolerable for the bulk of humans than many of the 'things' which have been invented or discovered!

Hope you enjoyed my little competition. Hugs XXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Ah Geeze...my darling Daniel. I mis-interpreted the question completely.

Do true friends always delude and surprise us? Cool...I'm glad.....Keep these questions comming, You're a treasure...all though a somewhat "Pagan" one!
Hehehehee.... sounding like me more than I ever wanted to believe!

Music and Champagne, my house at a full moon anyone??? :~0 ;~)