Sunday, August 26, 2007


"Bush and Howard engaged!"

These two men will meet again shortly at the APEC summit to be held in Sydney, Australia. Their affection and admiration for each other is obvious.

These two men were part of the tiresome trio who invaded and occupied Iraq, a folly which has descended into civil war and chaos but has guaranteed major access to oil - lots of it. Blair has since stepped down but his replacement, Gordon Brown, is a willing partner in the warmongering menage a trois (as mentioned previously, Britain and America account for 75% of the world's arms sales). Iran seems to be next on its list of targets.

America under Bush is well advanced with its plans for world hegemony (domination). It feels the need for support from a few gullible nations to mitigate against the hatred and fear it has generated world-wide with its blatant militarism and imperialism.

People like Howard and Blair/Brown have allowed themselves to be duped by the Bush Administration. They believe (or appear to believe) they are fighting terrorism whereas they are stupidly helping America to achieve its selfish hegemonic objectives. Meanwhile, terrorism grows, not diminishes!

Consider the following quote (hat tip to Is America Burning): "I firmly believe that when any territory outside the present territorial limits of the United States becomes necessary for our defense or essential for our commercial development, we ought to lose no time in acquiring it." : Sen. Orville Platt of Connecticut 1894.

The America view of the world with itself at the centre was established long, long ago! It didn't choose the eagle as its symbol for nothing. A combination of fanatical patriotism and religious fundamentalism make for deranged fantasies of a Master Race (which history is replete with, the most recent example being the Nazis). The fact that America has only 4% of the world's population doesn't seem to deter the 'hegemons' one bit!

Hegemonic America should be isolated by the world community, shunned. Australia should once again become independent like New Zealand.

Marriage to America is a recipe for disaster!

P.S. There are some Americans who are deeply ashamed of what their misguided 'leaders' have done and are doing!

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Renegade Eye said...

They are dressed like Sgt. Pepper.

Neo said...

"I am the walrus....gopapachoop!"

A PERFECT match indeed! But they forgot to pass the 'power trip' acid around!


Nancy said...

unfortunately we are trying to imitate the British empire without learning how it was run and more importantly how it was disbanded. No one reads the history of the decline of the Roman empire.
Empire is a shameful business.

enigma4ever said...

they are not dressed like Sgt Pepper...Lennon would roll in his grave in disgust...okay ....hmm, maybe they are ....I was thinking more like a geisha feildtrip where they get to keep the jammies....

enigma4ever said...

a quick note, I was going to email you , but I can not remember your an American that blew the whistle on a BIG Chem company with Bushie friends ...I have suffered under Bush please read my June 20th post...and you will learn I have been to Hell and back...and later this week I am posting my Voting Story- another fine piece of Americana Hell...I just wanted to let you know I am in for the long haul...and I have not given up....But blogging here- for women esp is hard, and losing blugrrl, Divajood, and PeaceChick all at once is hard- I won't lie....You don't have to put this comment up ...I just wanted to share with you....or you can email me at do read June 20th...please.I need people to know my story...thank you...and thanks for knowing not all americans are a bad lot....just the Leaders mostly...and some other corporate jerks....thanks again...

dada said...

Nice blog, Dan. And the accompanying picture is fantastic! But did you misspell ménace à trois?

MarcLord said...


So I guess this means you're against freedom!


Daniel said...

Neo, power trip is right. But only one of them has real power!

Nancy, the concept of empire is badly dated!

Enigma, thanks for your heartfelt comment. I'll check the date but I read your blog regularly and hope other do to!

Dada, thanks for calling by!

Marc, I'm against the freedom that allows one nation to use its military to dominate the world and also to try to impose an amoral, greed-based economic system upon it. What Americans do within their own borders is their business! Why can't they stay there?

Cheers to all!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Well now, you said a mouth full. I am not sure whether I should be shocked and agree with you or shocked and offended. I do appreciate the note at the bottom concenring Americans, but make no mistake there are more than a few that are ashamed. The approval rate is in the 30's last I saw. Now that is sad.

You are interesting, I shall come back and see what else you write. Nice piece.

Daniel said...

Glad you came and thanks for your comment, Inside. This blog tries to tell it as it is! Some like that. Some don't!

Kvatch said...

Nancy said what I would have added:

"Make the world America."

What a shameful doctrine, and all the more so because certain conservatives are willing to advocate for American Hegemony openly.

Daniel said...

But where did the 'born to rule' idea come from in the Brave New World, Kvatch?

Kvatch said...

But where did the 'born to rule' idea come from in the Brave New World, Kvatch?

Bruce Springsteen? Oh...sorry...that's "Born to Run".