Monday, July 30, 2007


"Your country might be next!"

Gordon Brown, the new British Prime Minister, has announced on the eve of his meeting with Bush that the world is in debt to America for its fight against terrorism. Well I never!

I thought perhaps when Bush's poodle Blair went (Howard is not a poodle - more a pet rat) that Brown might have been different. Apparently not. The groveling to America continues unabated. Perhaps Brown will enter the room where Emperor Bush reigns on his hands and knees or even sliding on his stomach. Yuk!

However, Brown's sycophancy aside, is the world really in debt to America? Let's look at a few things:

1. America, since WW2 when its idea of global hegemony took root, has mainly always acted out of self-interest.
2. America, despite proclaiming belief in freedom and democracy has, when it suits, supported all manner of dictators and Royal despots (Saddam, Musharraff, Mubarak, the Saudi Royal Family, etc)
3. America has continuously supported Israel despite its gross human rights violations and its forty year illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories. This has increasingly infuriated most of the Muslim world.
4. America has supported terrorists like Bin Laden (when he was opposing the Russians) then dropped him when his purpose was achieved. This further alienated many Muslims, especially Bin Laden.
5. It has also supported terrorists in places like South America when their governments were anti-American. It has also financed coups against the leaders of hostile governments.
6. America had its bum whupped by North Vietnam showing clearly to the world that its military might was beatable.
7. Following 9/11, when America was attacked by a small group of those it had alienated, the idea of using that event to further its hegemonic ambitions and secure valuable oil resources was pushed by the Neocons. Afghanistan was invaded and occupied first because of Bin Laden and the Taliban but access to resources in Asia Minor was also a contributing factor. As in Vietnam, the clear failure of sheer military might against a partisan guerrilla army is still being demonstrated.
8. Iraq was then invaded and occupied using fictitious evidence. It's oil reserves were another prize but not one that America admits too. Again the situation has totally disintegrated after the initial invasion and civil war rages. Like Afghanistan, the place is a hotbed of terrorism and, like a recruiting centre, attracts radical Muslims from all over the world who badly want to kill Americans.
9. American support for the Israeli attack on Lebanon has further inflamed anti-American hatred throughout the Muslim world.
10. The crushing of the Hamas Government (led by America) by starving it of funds has split the Palestinians and any chance of them achieving real freedom. Again Muslims are being trashed.
11. Iran is next on the American invasion list. It too has lots of oil which put together with the Saudi oil and the huge reserves in Iraq would give America a virtual monopoly.
12. America is arguably the most hated and feared country in the world. Many polls have confirmed this.

There are many more items that could be included on this list but hopefully I've made my point!

So, given the wars raging across the Middle East, the alienation of Muslims worldwide, the probability of further escalation of conflict in Iran using nukes, and the rapid growth of terrorism worldwide are we really in debt to America for its 'fight against terrorism' as Brown claims?

Only a complete fool could possibly make such a statement.

P.S. It's not the American people that so many in the world hate and fear - it's their leadership!

P.P.S. America has just announced billions of dollars in arms for its proxies, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc, guaranteeing that terrorism will increase further. If that money had been spent on aid to those who live in poverty then terrorism would have declined!


Anonymous said...

Only a complete fool could possibly make such a statement.

And that is possibly the truest statement you have made on this blog. :)

Daniel said...

Brown is a real disappointment, Anony. How come the British have sold out to the Americans on so many issues? Is it mutual greed or does Britain think by supporting the U.S. that, by association, it can capture some of its glory days?

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Hi, Daniel. I came over because I read The Peace Train and read your post there but I don't believe we have "met" or at least not that I know of!

I think that in some ways we want the world to "owe us" just as we want to be valuable as a market. As more countries develop their economies and can buy the cheap imports we are obsessed with- things will change. Especially with China. But we have a long twisted history with Britain, its a different relationship.

I think you have presented your info very clearly, and I think that we are in agreement about a lot of things.

Even if we were not- thats ok too. I just read your earlier post about blogging and popularity. Feh!

For the most part, and people can get peaved but I'll say it- most blogs I see have what is called reciprocity traffic. They are visited mostly by people who agree, in many cases already know or share the opinions, and visit because of an unwritten kind of mutual support rule. I comment, you come over. Very few people remain loyal to a blog if you never visit unless you are a big shot and people hope to entice other readers with their remarks.

There are just too many blogs, not enough hours in the day for most people with limited access to information- its just not feasible for most blogs to get popular even if they post great things. But everyone covets this "traffic" thing. We do best when we let that go, and think of ourselves as communities.

This exchanging goes on until a regular gets their feathers ruffled. Then perhaps they go find one of the other BILLION blogs.

Reciprocity is not enough though if we want dialogue and discussion, I prefer to find people who will TALK. Discuss.

If thats how you are, we'll get along fine.

Daniel said...

That's how I am, Lynn! Welcome to my blog. I'll visit yours today.

Of course I want to make it clear that I do not include the average man or woman in the street when I talk about America doing this or that. They are fine people and many of them visit my blog.

My target is those in America who manipulate American citizens and much of the world for their own selfish ends.


Lucyp said...

I was quite surprised at Brown, especially as he has assembled a very pro-European cabinet who have made some less than flattering remarks about American foreign policy.
I have no idea what he hoped to get from such sycophancy, he is more than aware of the feeling of his own country towards Bush.
As for us being in debt to America,
he must live on a very different planet to the rest of the world.

DetainThis said...

Great blog site, Daniel—especially the p.s. and p.p.s. of this particular entry. (That'll be the day when mainstream media discuss the irrefutable illegality of the U.S.' aid to Israel, S. Arabia, and other rogue states, eh?)

Looking at your mission statement ("anti 1-10"), you and I have just about everything in common in the disposition of our social/political activism. (Others whom we have discussed over the last couple of days may incorporate their faith's teachings into their work, but I wouldn't call it fanaticism, per se. That might be the only area where you and I part. Either way, it's nothing huge, IMO.)

Again: Great blog. Hard-hitting issues. Solid factual material. Very nice. I hope you don't mind if I link to it once in a while.

Daniel said...

Great to have you call, Detain This. I'll put your blog, which I visited the other day, on my Special Links.

Folk like us who believe in peace should stick together, work for the good of mankind!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown, the new British Prime Minister, has announced on the eve of his meeting with Bush that the world is in debt to America for its fight against terrorism.

"What? You wish to thank us for creating a international climate arguably 10X more favorable for terrorists than before we botched Afganistan and invaded Iraq? Very well...I accept."

(Bonus points if you can guess the movei the line was paraphrased from.)

Renegade Eye said...

Lynn: I really think you'll like my blog.

I don't find Brown's views or behavior a shock. From blogs based in the UK, they seemed to have been saying he'd be like Blair.

Daniel said...

Groveling to America, Renegade, has been turned into an art form.

Fortunately a few nations don't which creates an important balance!