Friday, June 22, 2007


This modest craft used to belong to a still famous golfer. Not bad, eh, considering his road to being incredibly rich was paved with small holes in the ground into which he was able to put a small, white ball with relatively few strokes. Inside the yacht is the ultimate in luxury, the best that unlimited money can buy. Note the two babies which the mother ship has had. Very few people in the world could even afford those!

Now hitting a small white ball into a small hole in the ground with few strokes may be the envy of some but I have always considered it to be the ultimate act of futility especially when one considers activities such as medical research, brain surgery, the writing of famous novels and plays, sculpture, the painting of art works, caring for the poor, trying to have euthanasia legalised, trying to bring peace to the Israelis and Palestinians, etc.

But in our materialistic world, because of television and advertising, golf has become a thing of enormous importance and its leading practitioners are household names (the same applies to a few players of tennis, soccer, baseball, etc,) while those who genuinely assist the welfare and progress of the human race remain largely unknown.

It's a question of relativity I guess! Could it be that values in our society are dangerously skewed and that we worship and pay tribute to largely superficial, worthless gods?


Mary Walsh said...

I'm a communist by nature and believe the earth's wealth should be shared around, upon all people accordingly.

We are a very comsumer driven society but this too will end!

Daniel said...

It will probably end when the world becomes uninhabitable, Mary!

Granny said...

I've been thinking about what you said on your earlier post (when you reopened the blog).

You and I may think we accomplish nothing with our writing. That's not true.

We encourage each other to keep on keeping on and that's something.

Worried said...

Daniel: Please do not give up hope. I know all too well how discouraging the battle can be and each of us suffer from Battle Fatigue from time to time.

For encouraging links that indicate the battle is worthwhile, please check out my replies to your comment on mine and Granny's blog.

Defender 90 said...

Daniel i have had your blog in my bookmarks for a long time now, i keep checking in and love your outlook on the world. I agree with almost everything you say keep going and well done. ;-)

Daniel said...

Granny, Worried and Defender90, thanks for words. I'm feeling so positive again that I could be dangerous!