Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A family holidaying in Portugal recently, the McCanns, left their children in their apartment in a supposedly secure holiday resort while they went out for dinner. During one of their checks they discovered the apartment's doors and windows opened and their three year old daughter, Madeleine, gone! Many days have gone by and the child is still missing. I'm sure that everyone feels and shares the agony of the parents.

Now, until the case is solved we'll leave the horrible situation there but, because of it, I want to broach the issue of paedophilia. Everyone knows that there are paedophiles. Everyone knows that paedophiles, even when caught and jailed, frequently re-offend. And everyone knows there are paedophile rings which snatch children to offer to paedophiles for sexual pleasure if the price is right.

My question is: what should society do about 'paedophilia' and its even uglier twin 'incest'! Children must be protected from perverted adults who are obviously very, very sick. That a man (or a woman) or, worse, a mother or father could use children (others or theirs) for sexual pleasure is utterly disgusting to most decent people.

Be that as it may, such people exist and, for the good of society and children everywhere, they must be dealt with but in a way that ensures 100% that they don't re-offend. Is castration too drastic? Is tattooing the word PAEDOPHILE across their forehead too dramatic? Is forcing them to carry a chemical release capsule surgically placed 'inside their bodies', one that permanently stifles sexual urges, a reasonable solution?

What we can't afford to do is to allow offenders to use the excuse, "That's the way we were born!" as they attempt to excuse themselves and perhaps try to legitimise their abhorrent behaviour.

Listening to such nonsense is the thin edge of the wedge. If it succeeds, soon we'll have murderers and rapists using the same excuse.

The vulnerable must be protected and society, to survive, must have strict rules that govern behaviour!


Mary Walsh said...

I skimmed very quickly over this article Daniel. As a child of the universe, myself in both these fields of pedophilia and incest.....

I would lie both father and man to a stake preferably in a hot and dusty desert....I would cut off their testicles and leave them open wounded for whatever other animal would come and feast on their still warm living body.....

But I am not one to hold a grudge you'll understand this day, my heart stands very still in my chest everytime I hear of a case where some bastard has actually been caught...but for every one caught dozens escape because of "family secrets" and "you must have done something to encourage him". ...particularly from a doubting mother.

The only man who ever touched my daughters by manhandling their 10 & 12 year breasts, many years ago, was sent packing into the street with me screaming at him publically as he left with my daughters' playmate - his daughter.(god help her)...the whole family barred from my home thereafter!

Daniel said...

I feel your pain and anger, Mary. We cannot continue releasing these sick individuals into the community to prey upon and destroy our innocent children.

We've listened to their pathetic excuses for too long!

Worried said...

Automatic death penalty with no appeal.

Years ago I read about a tribe of desert nomads who had an interesting justice system. The accused was brought before the tribal Chief and witnesses were heard. Upon conviction of the crime, the man was turned over to men of the tribe who had suffered offense and they were allowed to dispense justice as they saw fit.

In cases such as you describe, the convicted offender was first turned over to the female family members of the victim to dispense justice/punishment. If he was still alive after the mother, grandmother, aunts, etc. were through with him, then the family men stepped in for the coup de grace. It seemed to serve as an effective deterrent; such cases were rare in that society.

You know what Kipling said, "The female of the species is more deadly than the male". Women who are the most pacific cooing doves can morph into bloody fanged saber toothed tigresses in defense of their young.

Daniel said...

Forgetting their birthday brings a similar result, Worried!