Sunday, May 27, 2007


There are some blog authors who are heavily engaged in dealing with serious issues, who, despite the odds, are struggling to make the world a better place.

I know from my own experience that to battle against the powerful vested interests and the indifference and stupidity of the sheeple can be very wearing and disappointing. Worryingly, my good friend The Dining Philosopher has fallen victim just recently and closed his blog down. Others I know of are struggling.

The thought occurred to me that, perhaps, my blog might better serve as a place where weary blog authors can find moments of peace, of support, of praise, of understanding, a forum where guest posts could be made, where some steam could be let off, where self-doubts could be aired and discussed, perhaps lessened.

The symbol of the Ark, even to a nautical atheist like me, is a powerful one. Its connotations suggest rescue, refuge, comradeship and survival during times of difficulty such as the world is now experiencing with worse to come.

THE BLOGGER'S ARK. What do you think? Would you like to come aboard?

P.S. A recent comment from Lil Sparrow prompted this post.


Granny said...

Sounds good to me. I can't speak for WA but I know I've been struggling to even read the news lately.

Not quite drowning but certainly swimming upstream.

C.S. Monkus/ L. Sparrow said...

Beautifully inspiring Daniel!

That was breath of fresh air!

There is great beauty in salvage .... finishing the positives within negatives! I have been forced (willingly mostly) to do so due to the nature of some of my most intimate relationships.

Humans are intricate people, most of us I believe have undiagnosed personality disorders .... and this is not limited to the wee folk ... high ranking governmental officials especially.

.... it is not people in general that usually frighten me .... it is their state of mental health that usually causes me to question my own personal safety....

An Ark is a powerful beautiful idea. I believe I may just utilize that idea as well.... for a different project!

Peace and Blessings

Lil Sparrow

Daniel said...

Welcome aboard Lil and Granny. We'll try to make this blog a place of hope.

Love and Peace!

Coffee Messiah said...

Bloggers Ark....has a natural ring to it! ; )

Daniel said...

It's a comforting symbol, Coffee.

SCOTT said...

Wow, I actually smiled at this,,, and i haven't cracked one for a long while.
Great Idea

Desert Peace said...

I'm game.... but the food better be good.

Daniel said...

Spreading happiness is one of my objectives, Scott. Welcome back!