Sunday, April 29, 2007


Have you, like me, wondered why it is that the world is still so full of conflict and war even though we humans have had many millenia of bitter experiences which clearly demonstrates the utter futility of conflict and war?

Have you, like me, ever wondered why it is that most of the world's people live in poverty and another hefty percentage find that life is an economic struggle while a tiny percentage of humans live in absolute ultra-luxury and possess obscene wealth?

Have you, like me, ever wondered why our air, water and soil is badly poisoned and why we have reached the stage where global warming is a major disaster yet, relatively speaking, little is being done to correct the emissions which are made by vehicles, manufacturers, etc?

Have you, like me, ever wondered why some nations spend so much money on armaments and their military while money for things like finding a cure for cancer, hospitals, schools, dental care, income support, etc, typically get the short straw?

Have you, like me, ever wondered why it is that peace is talked about incessantly and we have a U.N. and there are lots of Peace Groups and Organizations yet, for some reason, we are no closer to peace now than we were centuries ago? Worse, there is the real possibility that the next war, which is already being hatched in high places, may well involve nuclear weapons.

We, the people, have a right to ask our masters for answers to these questions. Of course, we can ask the questions but, wait for it, we are NOT being told the answers.

The root cause of all these problems and the answer to all these questions lies in the clever perpetuation of an economic/political system which, partly based as it is on war, allows: a few billionaires to become even richer; large, powerful multi-national companies and their directors to prosper; a political system that promises government 'by the people, for the people' while the truth is that it operates for the benefit of the few; rich and powerful nations to continue to consume most of the world's resources while they simultaneously manipulate much of the world's trade, etc.

Those greed-driven folk for whom enough is never enough, who are involved in oil, armaments, finance, politics, the stealing of resources from poor countries, commodity trading, share trading, manufacturing, law, medicine, etc, do not want to see an end to the current system because that would kill the goose that lays golden eggs exclusively for them.

The rest of us, the 99.9%, are merely pawns in their game, the canon fodders for their wars, compliant producers and consumers who, fed with lies and fraudulent promises from birth, are taught to accept the system without question, accept our humble place in it, work hard, pay our taxes, obey all laws, try to somehow get a bigger house and a more prestigious car, bring our kids up to believe that this is the way life should be, then, when we are finally thrown on the economic scrapheap, to live frugally and without complaint until death claims us.

Folks, if you want peace, the only way it will happen is for us 99.9% to rise up, throw out the selfish manipulators and their unfair despotic capitalist system, take back control of our world, change all the rules of the game so that everyone shares in the world's wealth equally, get rid of all armies and armaments so that war is impossible (and make sure that all the industries associated with it are closed down), ensure that all the producers and manufacturers poisoning our world and filling it with dangerous carcinogens are stopped, institute government that truly is 'by the people, for the people', etc.

Then, when peace prevails, once again we must be taught to enjoy the simple things of life, to find joy in selflessness and helping our brothers, in growing food, in spinning cloth, in learning artistic skills and philosophical discourse, in finding ways to make each moment of life count that don't involve materialism and greed, etc.

Be assured that peace, my friends, is only a mild revolution away (by mild I mean non-violent civil disobedience).

After all, we, six and a half billion of us, are in the majority!


bluegrrrrl said...

Daniel--Will forward it to my PT co-editors for consideration! There is a link on PT to submit stories...On the left side of the page, under "Menu", select "Submit News". It's fine to submit that way, or send it directly to one of us...

Yesterday we took our "revolution" to the streets via a call to impeach. Started at the beach with 200 of us spelling impeach with our bodies in the sand. Then we took our call to impeach downtown, where our state Democratic party was holding their convention. We tried to get inside, which freaked them out and almost got us arrested. But they heard our message. Today they will be putting an impeachment resolution to a vote.

I agree with you that revolution is needed to throw out those "manipulators" who are threats to humanity...but what form would you advocate? For myself, I believe the revolution must be a peaceful one. No more violence for violence.

(p.s. Will be adding you back into my links...had a meltdown on my blog recently & lost everything!)

betmo said...

while that is true- many of us here- even among so called like mindeds- don't believe that. the left doesn't want to change the status quo anymore than the right- and therein lies the problem. most of the 6 1/2 billion or so have stones and the upper echelons have the tanks. sound familiar? some are fighting back and are called-- terrorists. thus cowing the 'respectable' folks because god forbid someone call you a name.

Daniel said...

Hey Betmo, the approach by Gandhi seemed to work just fine.

And Bluegrrrrl, I've added in a short explanation of what I mean by 'mild revolution'.


The Fat Lady Sings said...

Did you hear? The big three oil companies just announced another quarter of record profits. When interviewed - the president of ExxonMobil said we should expect prices to continue rising to pay for refinery 'retooling'. No one in the news studio even blinked. The bigger the lie - the more often it is told.

Daniel said...

While innocent people are dying, FLS, Wall Street booms and luxury car and yacht sales skyrocket!

The world is run by the rich for the benefit of the rich. That obscenity must be changed.

Thanks for calling by!

GDAEman said...

Revolution is only a Piece* Away

The video featured in this blog entitled Cinco de Mayo: Inklings of Revolution might give you a sense of hope, if it's revolution you're counting on.

You're not alone.


* See #9 under the Thesarus.