Friday, April 20, 2007


Dear Friends, I went off air for a short time late yesterday afternoon while I was fiddling with the template and I forgot to put the permissions back on again. Silly me! Sorry Lil for any inconvenience!

On a confessional note, I have to admit to being a little bewildered about my blog at the moment. It isn't achieving what I'd hoped it might in terms of wide appeal and, like me, it seems to be caught in a bit of a rut. I've canvassed most issues many times and, because I generally write all my own material (over 400 posts), I am now starting to scratch my head as I look for new things to write about or new ways to talk about the main issues that confront the world.

While I look around for a new direction, perhaps even some new motivation, I would ask you to bear with me for the next period should the posts occasionally become a little sporadic.

Call it the Blogger Blues if you like. I'm sure I'm not the first to experience it!



Anonymous said...

Get 'em all the time, and when that happens I try to spend more time reading. I find so much good material comes out of inspiration I find on other blogs.

(You know...not like I think you'd find inspiration if you spent all your time on Blognonymous...or anything. ;-) )

Daniel said...

Yours is a great blog, Kvatch! Thanks for your kind words.

L. Sparrow said...

Hey Daniel!

Glad to see you back!
I know I do not comment much on your blog ... but what I do do? ...

I check into your blog regularly and it reminds me what is important....

peace and blessings!

Lil Sparrow

Anonymous said...

Heya Dan! Im back on line and feeling much better now. Thankyou for your kind thoughts, I felt them!
I am posting at Psi Simulacra from now on as I have attracted a following of nasty,hateful people.
Have missed talking with you enormously......Don't give up the blog.....I read it too much,lol!

Love always, Zoe XXX

Daniel said...

I'm relieved to hear from you, Zoe, and to know that all is well. Sorry to hear about the hateful people. Sadly, the world is infested with them!

I'm not sure what Psi Simulacra is but I'll follow your link. Take care now, special person!

Love and hugs. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Coffee Messiah said...

and here I was hoping to get an invite to read your blog this morning. Glad you're here anyway!

BTW, more people read your words than you realize. Only a minor few will take the time to comment, as we all find out.

It's interesting what gets more response though. These days, especially here where the media snooze is so bad, they've now given the OK to stay away from the idiotic coverage on all things "wasteful" since this is their coverage.

3-4 days of VT and clips of the AG hearings.....amazing and pitiful.

Anyway, my two cents, and I for one enjoy seeing you back!

Cheers! ; )

Daniel said...

Hey, Coffee, thank heavens for good friends. You're probably right about more look than comment. But I guess it's those that comment that count!


Anonymous said...

You got that right Dan! The ones that count are close to the heart and we read more often than I think you realise!
Stop stressin!
You're much loved ya know...oh and a bloody talented writer!

Mary Walsh said...

Its comforting to know that others lose heart on often we think of ourselves as knights in shining armour able to cure the world of its ills....we can't Daniel....but what we can do is provoke others to think outside their square...I am always amazed at the diversity of thought that goes through people's minds.

People with your passion for saving the world from itself is tenfold to those who actually pick up a pen and do something about it....

But Daniel....what are you saying...there is a Federal election due??? Tell us about the Howard and the Rudd sameness and differences...a book in itself....

Mary Walsh

Daniel said...

Zoe, I promise to try to stop stressin! I guess I see so much that needs doing and there is so little measurable progress and so many forces aligned against us reformers.

Mary, thanks for your positive thoughts. I fear that Rudd and Howard are like twins. I'll make a post soon but I'm still trying to get a handle on Rudd. Beware of 'Christian' politicians, I say!

Peace to you both! xxxxxxxxx

Lucyp said...

I also floundered about tryign to find a direction for my blog. I was always switching between humourous or political or quirky and decided to just go with the flow of whatever was in my head at the time so it became a bit of a mish mash of all three.

Daniel said...

Hey, Lucy, thanks for your comment. It isn't easy for the blog author to maintain perspective and drive week after week. Sometimes I write things that I think are important and get perhaps a couple of comments, sometimes none. Other things that, by comparison, seem rather superficial surprisingly get lots! It's a bit like a lottery.

Perhaps I take it all too seriously?

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, Dan. I have seen some senceless drivel that attracts over 100 comments!

It's crazy.

No said...

Man, I'm glad you're back..thought I'd scared yet another Australian away!

Daniel said...

No, no, I'm still around. Glad you are too! Cheers.

betmo said...

i have no idea what direction you want to go- or what you had in mind for your blog- but if you want numbers- you have to go and leave lots of comments on the bigger boys. make yourself known on blogs that have a high technorati rating- blue gal hob nobs with some of the bigger boys. take a peek there. write good stuff and people come to your blog- so continue doing what you are doing :)

Daniel said...

Hey Betmo, I guess it's not huge numbers that I want particularly it's impact, some evidence that what I'm spending so much time doing is having some effect other than on the wonderful people who support this blog (as I do theirs). I guess I'd like to reach the Parliamentarians, the Media Barons, the ultra-rich but (sigh)I guess they don't read blogs!

Peace to you and thanks for calling by.