Saturday, March 03, 2007


While the world spins giddily and the constant tumult of life leaves people weary and stressed, for those who take the time to look, there are brief moments of peace and beauty still to be found.


SCOTT said...

In between the harsh landscape always a bit of beauty may grow, be it a small lichen in flower, fish in the depths of a vast ocean, or One person in the Mass of Mad Humanity.
Peace to you my friend,

Mary Walsh said...

But look not at an ALP Victorian State Conference for peace and serenity!

Disgruntled "Member visitor".

Daniel said...

Peace in our world is not that easy to find. It takes effort but then anything worthwhile takes effort!

N. said...

In the midst of all this madness about Iran, Iranians are preparing for spring: that's when the new year begins.

People of Iran seem to have more respect for spring, for their thousands years old traditions: spring cleaning, buying new cloths, growing greens, painting eggs, buying gifts, making cookies, roasting nuts, planning trips; than for the fear these thugs of Washington are forcing on them!

I will soon have a special Spring report about Iran