Wednesday, March 21, 2007


As you read this, powerful people in Israel and America are seriously discussing attacking Iran with nuclear weapons. That fact shows clearly that criminal insanity exists in high places.

The photograph (thanks to BBC) gives some idea of the hideous reality that the use of such weapons would have on those being attacked. Put yourself in the position of the owner of the hand for a moment. Feels good, eh? Then there is the terrible radioactive aftermath which will go on for centuries.

The deranged fanatics who plot such evil should be arrested immediately for they are a danger to all mankind. They should then be transported to a secure facility and kept in padded cells forever so they can do no further harm to anyone.

Do you agree?


Lucyp said...

Anyone who could even consider using such terrible weapons as Nukes, should be the last person let within a million miles of them.

Daniel said...

Bush and Olmert have their fingers poised over the nuclear button, Lucy.

Both of them would use nukes without a second thought if they felt it would advantage them and their greedy, immoral supporters imperially, theologically, militarily and/or economically. Cheers!

Worried said...

Yes, yes, yes. As usual, you are 100% correct, Daniel.

betmo said...

the dems have only controlled congress for a few months and already rummy is gone- and hopefully gonzales is on the chopping block. i have a feeling that the end result will be attempting to get rid of cheney and bush as well- rovie isn't safe either apparently- even after dodging the plame bullet thanks to the selfless nature of libby and armitage. rove apparently is worth more than a once powerful country. one has to wonder why. i would love to see all of them rot in a jail cell in gitmo. but that's fantasy.

Daniel said...

The key to the whole situation is the nuking of Iran, Worried and Betmo. If that happens, and Bush could do it just to stop the impeachment process, then we're all on the slippery slope to hell!