Thursday, March 29, 2007


Friends, this colourful description of me came in a comment on the Bethlehem post. It was in response to my statement in a previous comment to Betmo that I'd once supported Israel (I didn't publish the comment from someone called Hermann because I deplore filthy language and will not allow it to cheapen my blog).

However I was interested in the attitude of Hermann who obviously sits somewhere in a dark corner and sends off emails dripping with hate to anyone who dares to question his narrow, pro-Israeli view of the world.

Taking the three insulting words separately, the first is that I'm lying. Hermann, I still remember going over to the local cinema seeing Exodus and feeling roused by the sentiments which the movie presented. Those poor little Israelis, just trying to get a homeland. Of course I was young and rather naive then. They were entirely one-sided sentiments and took no account of the terrible injustice that was done to the Palestinians and is still being done to the Palestinians by their cruel Israeli oppressors.

Next is that I'm a Muslim. Hermann, if you had bothered to read a few of the posts on my blog you would've known that I'm an atheist. Hermann, it is difficult to be an atheist and a Muslim at the same time. But it's not hard to be a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, etc, and have a tiny, confused mind, one that sees everything in black and white: white for one's own religion and black for anyone who has another belief - or no belief. That's why I'm against all religions, Hermann!

To the third word, well, Hermann, the gutter word which you chose to describe me, one used by common people to describe a female's genitals, is usually only employed when extreme hate is being expressed. That you feel hate for me is unfortunate, Hermann. We have never even met yet here I am, the object of your extreme hatred.

Well, I forgive you, Hermann. I don't hate you in return because hate is a destructive force, one that, like cancer, eats away at whatever goodness is inside a person. Hate turns humans into beasts.

The photograph I used in the Bethlehem post shows what hate achieves, Hermann.

Love and Peace!


betmo said...

not to mention that that word is a horrible word. the feelings of misogyny it conjures up injures women everywhere. it is the epitome of hubris to feel that your religion is better than anyone else's and that you have a right, based on said religion, to conquer other lands and set yourself up in one of them. we went through that already in history. methinks we would learn from our mistakes- but apparently not.

Daniel said...

The world is overpopulated with people like Hermann, Betmo and there are too few people who have some capacity for caring and wisdom!

Lucyp said...

Some people's choice of language really does show a lot about their personality.

iMuslim said...

Oh, i hate the c-word SO MUCH. It's one of the worst ones...

I'm quite confused how this Hermann fellow mistook you for being a Muslim! I'm not sure who should be more insulted: you, or me! ;)

Daniel said...

Hermann provides us all with a graphic insight into what blind belief can do to people's minds, iMuslim.

He is to be pitied! Cheers.

Worried said...

Daniel, thank you for your comment on my blog. I am always glad to have you visit and I value your input.

In my experience, the response of the teeny tiny minds any time you criticize or find fault with the ACTIONS of persons of another race, religion, or gender is to immediately squall an accusation of bias, hate, discrimination, as if the race, religion, or gender is being criticised, not the actions of the persons. And yes, usually accompanied by comments that are biased, hateful, and discriminatory.

I sometimes criticize certain males; that does not mean I hate men. Quite the contrary. I've always been quite fond of them, sometimes too much so :-), and consider them a most important part of the human race.I criticize the actions of some women but I happen to like my own gender just fine.
I often criticize fundamentalist Christians; that doesn't mean I hate Christians by any means. I am one myself but I deplore the actions and doctrines of the fundies and other extremists.
I sometimes criticize the actions of some white people but I darn sure do not hate my own race; I just dislike what SOME of them do.
I criticize the actions of my government but that doesn't mean I hate America or even the OFFICE of the presidency; I LOVE my country and would die to defend it.
I dislike the ACTIONS of some Hispanics, African Americans, Israelis, Arabs, Asians, Croatians, etc. but I don't hate any of those folks. I rather like humanity even if some of us are dorks.
It is a puzzle to me why some people think that disliking certain behaviors equates to racial, religious, or gender bias.
I strongly disapprove of the bias and actions of certain Israeli factions in their government but I'm not a "Jew-hater" for crying out loud!
I guess this comment will get Herman all riled up all over again. He's apparently a male; does my disapproval of his asinity make me a man-hater? Guess he'd call me a Lesbian or something biased like that. You're a man and I like you quite well. Cheers!

Daniel said...

I'm glad you like me, Worried! Hermann did send another comment, one in which he insulted me again several times, demonstrated clearly that he doesn't understand the difference between English and American spelling, and then called everyone who contributes to this blog crazy. I deleted it of course.

The word you chose, 'asinine', describes him quite well. 'Tiresome' is another word which springs to mind. He'll never his silly voice on this blog again!

Worried said...

Good for you, Daniel, for not giving the dork the publicity and public voice he so obviously craves. Fie on him!

Daniel said...

I've been dealing with some of the moronic lowlife of the world for nearly a year now, Worried. I've learned a few things.

Thanks for dropping by!

L. Sparrow said...

Oh dear ....

what to say .....

hope all is well!

Great post!

Peace and Blessings

Lil Sparrow

Daniel said...

Thanks for visiting, Lil.