Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Friends, I have been dealing with some serious but draining issues of late. Let me present something of beauty to you lest you think that I think there is none.

The bridge to me is very symbolic. For some reason it makes me think of my long-dead mother. I miss her.

Google Images: (click to enlarge).


iMuslim said...

Beautiful; as the Arabs say: "Cooling to the eye".

Daniel said...

Thanks, Z...... Hope you enjoyed the change of pace.

Sometimes I think that in trying to bring a light to bear on some of the world's more ugly facets, it is negatively affecting my life. Perhaps the trade-off isn't worth it? Cheers.

SCOTT said...

Daniel, I hope that things go well for you in whatever you may be going through, know there are people who haven't ever met you who care about your well being.
You are a bridge to many people, so I love this picture. It does soothe the eye, and mind. I understand how this might make one think of their mother, as it is so comforting and healing just to view. Know she gave birth to a wonderful person YOU!
Peace to you my friend,

Daniel said...

Your words are very kind, Scott. I appreciate them greatly as I do your continuing generous support.

As mentioned before, I want to put up your link but which one of your three titles do you want me to show? Cheers!

Coffee Messiah said...

I think I understand how you feel. This photo reminds me of the Arboretum in Golden Gate Park in SF that we'd go to a few times a week for meditation purposes. I miss the west coast!
Thanks to gw, feeling drained in the US has been ongoing for almost 5 years, with another to go.
Hopefully an upturn is on the horizon! ; )

Daniel said...

Hopefully the Americans can get rid of him much sooner, Coffee.

It's strange, and unfortunate in a way, that we serious activists can't help being affected by the issues that we involve ourselves with. In trying to help others you end up harming yourself. Ironic.

Lucyp said...

Very soothing picture, a nice change of pace.

betmo said...

everyone needs a break- it is difficult but necessary. here in america- i no longer use united states because we aren't- there is so much corruption and so much to fight that it is overwhelming. that these people could have done so much damage to my country- and to the world as a whole in little more than a decade is mind blowing. take a moment and come back fresh!

SCOTT said...

Hey Daniel,
I am going to be working on my blog this weekend hopefully too, so will have a link to you there as well.
Please use the "Citizens Of Planet Earth Academy" blog

Thanks alot,
I think you are a must read, so please keep it up!


L. Sparrow said...

Beautiful Daniel.

There is a profound word play that I noticed in your last post.

Draining - associated with Water.

Bridge - associated with Water.

Mother - the womb associated with Water.

Although sorrowfull it is good to remember and miss our loved ones on the other side, the sentiments keep us human and remind us to BE human.

Peace and Blessings

Lil Sparrow.

Daniel said...

Thanks dear Friends, for your kind, caring comments. I'm back in the saddle and tilting like crazy.

But I will post 'nice' or 'frivilous' things more often, I promise, get a bit more balance!